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Honduran Government Denounced for Using 'Dangerous and Illegal Tactics' to Silence Dissent


Honduran Government Denounced for Using 'Dangerous and Illegal Tactics' to Silence Dissent

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Honduras seems to be on a very dangerous free fall where ordinary people are the victims of reckless and selfish political games," Amnesty International warns amid crackdown on mass protests over allegations of election fraud

honduras protest


The one indispensable country in the world sharing their love. By supporting military thugs, murderers and human rights abusers. And, The Uniparty sails on, oblivious to anything but money and power, of course. What else is new.
" If I had my way, if I had my way, if I had my way in this wicked world, I would tear this old buildiing down ".


Once again, we see the U.S. always supporting right-wing repression against the wishes of the people, because…Capitalism! Smedley Butler was right!


As long as the puppet, government, in Honduras, support US hegemony,hubris and the vested interests of the US economic elite, nothing else matters no matter how repressive, fascist and totalitarian.


Meanwhile, in 'murca the M$M will paint the Honduran people in a subhuman light to make this all just fade into the background. Bu$ine$$ as u$ual…


Where do they learn this crap?


As I have noted before to Chris Hedges (who is a NYT alumnus) his former “Times” is seeming to be changing with the ‘times’ (pun intended).

Just yesterday the “Times” allowed the comment of mine (really a ‘counter-comment’) to be published on their reader comments regarding a column by David Brooks, “The G.O.P. Is Rotting”: Just click on Opinion G.O.P. on the link here to open-up the Times article and it will show you my comment.

As I saw clearly yesterday, in the reputed “Unified Reform Commission of the DNC” on C-Span 1 how dishonest the ‘smoother-lying’ neoliberal-cons of the ‘D’ Vichy Party of this effin EMPIRE was — and I’m not expecting anything except further collapse like Bernie did in his gutless and incomplete '16 campaign of “Political Revolution” (Against What, Bernie? Against WTF?).

All successful Revolutions are Against Empire, as Justin du Rivage notes in his fabulously researched and revealing book about that First American Revolution titled: “Revolution Against Empire”.

A key point that I would have liked to include in my NYT comment — but couldn’t based on space limitation in the “Times” ---- is that former President


In my view, Bernie’s so called political revolution, even if well meaning and not gutless, was used by the oligarchy in the last election to placate the sophomoric and gullible. The facade that they still live in a true democracy, when nothing could be further from the truth!


The Empire (not just a domestic ‘oligarchy’) is what is in control of our former country and that Empire is also what is in control of Honduras (and many other countries ‘abroad’) — which is exactly why Bernie coul dus the word “oligarchy” but never Empire.

We’ll learn as we go along.

BTW, the word ‘oligarchy’ might just as well be Greek to 80%+ of Americans, becasue theydon’t have the slightest idea what it means — which is another reason that Bernie using that improper and very limited understood word was of ZERO danger (or effect) on the Empire.

Just like Bernie, the NYT could use the word ‘oligarchy’ any number of times and with no danger.

But until recently the NYT “Gray Lady” would have never allowed in print or on-line calling America the HQ of a disguised global EMPIRE — until now. BTW, thanks for your feedbakc on my success in getting that into the 'Times"


Thanks for your reply. Soooooooo true! And do not even try inverted, totalitarianism!


Why exactly, when the American people are good, is the US government on the side of evil?