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Honduran Opposition Leaders Being Murdered While US Pours in Money to Repressive Government and Military


Honduran Opposition Leaders Being Murdered While US Pours in Money to Repressive Government and Military

Mark Weisbrot

Since a 2009 military coup against the democratic government of President Mel Zelaya, Honduras has become the most dangerous country in the world for environmental and human rights activists.


I agree, it seems all too familiar...


As far as I'm concerned, Hillary's complicity in aiding the Honduran coup alone is grounds for her indictment at the International Tribunal in The Hague, and the major crime of "crooked Hillary" that Donald Trump should be talking about, but won't, because the Republicans are in agreement with it. There is only one party that cares about this stuff - The Greens - and I'm with them for the future.


It is long past time to place this deplorable situation at Mme. Clinton's doorstep. She allowed it to happen when all she had to do was tell the Honduran military that the US frowns on military coups. instead she approved this destruction of Honduran democracy, the same way Kerry did for Ukraine.


"To the consternation of human rights advocates in Honduras and the U.S., on Sept. 30, the State Department certified
that Honduras had met the human rights conditions attached to their 2016 military and security aid, against all the violent evidence to the contrary. Without this certification, Honduras would have lost half of this aid."

Business as usual.One wonders how long the President of the Philippines will last, or how long it will take for him to change his mind.


Me, too. I just sent in my mail ballot the other day and I voted for Stein. I also avoided voting for Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Derek Kilmer because they support Fast Track and the TPP if it comes to a vote. I have had quite enough of the "New Democrats" and their triangulation and "incrementalism".


This is an excellent piece by Weisbrot. However, we stand in a different relation to actions of this sort today than we might have seen ourselves as standing even a few months ago. Our omissions have settled us into a position disturbingly similar to that of the Hondurans.

I don't suppose we should be surprised, but I suspect that at some point we will be. The country has fostered the international intelligence-mafia organizations around the Fed, the IMF, the World Bank; the CIA and NSA and Western executives; and the mafiosi arms like the brothers Karzai, the Zetas, ISIS, the Urkainian coup, the Honduran coup, the Brazilian semi-coup, the descendants of Ollie North's old buddies, and the people who have killed potential DNC leaks and Assange's lawyer.

Surely it cannot be without some meaning to Democrats of a liberal and progressive heritage that we see Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman and at least four other journalists threatened with multi-decade criminal charges for daring to publicize the abuse of Native Americans standing against the pipeline in the Dakotas. Charges against the more famous Goodman have been dropped, but those against the other four have been retained, clearly to intimidate any possible reporting of government and corporate actions with respect to the pipeline and protest.

American clerics are murdered and American journalists imprisoned for publication while the US pours money into universal surveillance of its own citizens as well. By now we should see the edge of the cliff that the middle of the road heads off of.


THIS ... is the HRC foreign policy in action.

Don't act all surprised later on.