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'Honor of My Life': Alex Morse Scores Big Boost with Ocasio-Cortez Endorsement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/26/honor-my-life-alex-morse-scores-big-boost-ocasio-cortez-endorsement

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Alex Morse has demonstrated incredible courage, wisdom and humanity faced with an insidious smear campaign. I am so proud to have contributed to his campaign and urge those of you who can to do so. I am very gratified to see AOC’s organization in his corner.

There are a number of lessons in all of this. One of them is that “cancel culture” and concerns with microaggressions, when abused or taken to extremes, reveal their essence as Puritanical, censorial, anti-democratic, and, in this case, absurd (The logic of the College Democrats’ letter accusing Morse is that Morse, as a mayor, should not date anyone, because there would always be an implicit power imbalance. Think about that!!).

As Alex himself has demonstrated, the best weapon against sexual shaming, innuendo, etc. is a forthright defense of, in his case, consensual sex that did not demean or harm anyone. I would add that the best defense against hate speech is MORE and MORE EFFECTIVE speech.

We need to think about identity issues on two levels. One is that for many groups, think Black Americans, Native Americans, kids in ICE cages, trans people, the house is burning, and we must move to put out those fires and make people safe.

But a second level, is that all societies have had privileged groups and groups that have been discriminated against or actively persecuted. What particular group happens to be in the dominant position or the subordinate one, or to put in another way, who gets sacrificed and whose life counts for less, is a matter of historical contingency. In American, owing to slavery and imperialism, our system makes individual Black and Native American lives disposable. In the British Empire in the 19th century, Irish, Indian and African lives were disposable. In the USSR and Mao’s China, peasants’ lives were disposable.

We need to be able not just to focus on racism and on the particular forms that hierarchy is constituted right now, but on the whole PROCESS of dividing society between lives that count and disposable lives. Don’t think for a minute that if, say, racism were eliminated in the US, elites would not find some other groups to be thrown under the bus in times of necessity.

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I would like to think that AOC was playing nicey nice with the corporate dems hoping to leverage power at some future date. Now I hope the kid gloves are off as she sees they have no intention of even playing by their own rules. AOC needs to remember that person who walked into Pelosi’s office on her first day (might have even been before she was sworn in) to support the people engaged in a sit in for the Green New Deal.

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Have been considered voting Morse, but I do have question about an incident involving a 12 year old boy who was beaten by the Holyoke police, according to the article the mayors office ignored the incidence, the police involved were never charged with any crimes.

And Richie Neal has stood in the way of every even slightly progressive initiative he ever had a chance to vote on over 30 years. You know, by way of comparison.

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Rep. Richard E. Neal (D-Mass.), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is a Republican pretending to be a Democrat.

Under his Chairmanship Progressives will never, ever get anything done that will actually Benefit We The People.

His is a Corporate Democrat representing Corporations and not his Constituents.

Getting rid of Congressman Neal would be a major victory for Progressives and the whole country.

He is a greedy bastard without any ethics and needs to go. The only way this country will ever become a More Perfect Union is if we cleanse the Congress of people who allow their vote to be influenced by large Donations instead of doing what is best for the people who voted for them.

Democrats are up the creek with neoliberals firmly in charge, and facing Trump. But are those two choices the only ones left? Bernie should release the only power we proved that we had in 2019 and 2020 when we raised more money for him than coporations raised for all those who opposed him. Small donations can slowly replace neoliberals in both parties by primaring neoliberal Democrates like Alex Morse. Time for Bernie to give up his hold on small donations, and set up an impartial online mechanism to channel small donations to every candidate who dares to oppose the Party corporatists. Where is Bernie?