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Honoring Oscar Romero of El Salvador


Honoring Oscar Romero of El Salvador

Rev. John Dear

This week, I’m in El Salvador to join the national celebration on Saturday, May 23rd, for the beatification ceremony of Archbishop Oscar Romero, the great peacemaker who was shot dead while saying Mass and preaching for peace on March 24, 1980. After thirty five years, 75,000 dead, countless millions of dollars from U.S. military aid to the death squads, continued political corruption and gang violence, and ongoing disregard from Vatican officials and right wing U.S.


Thank you, Father John Dear: Your words and powerful witness move me.


What an excellent, truthful,and poignant article. This article, by the Reverend John Dear, would be an epiphany to many who believe in American exceptionalism and that have held Jimmy Carter to be a paragon of virtue.

Just asking: WHY ARE SO MANY PEACEMAKERS that have positions of power like Bishop Romero, JFK,RFK,MLK among many others, assassinated?


I second that emotion!