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Honouring Courage and Compassion on International Peace Day


Honouring Courage and Compassion on International Peace Day

Kumi Naidoo

I was 22 years old when I had to leave my homeland, South Africa. I had no choice. I was living underground for a year by then, to avoid being arrested. This was 1987, in the midst of one of the most bloody and violent periods in the history of Apartheid South Africa. The green peaceful streets of Oxford, where I was lucky enough to end up, seemed like a cartoon to me. They seemed unreal, while the violence I left behind felt very real and near. I stayed awake at night thinking of friends and relatives left behind.


There it is >>> A new sustainable alternative energy world is in our future

2050 - there is the goal - that is the date. It can be done and no matter whose side you are on or whom you support or who you think is right or wrong or whatever...

either humanity succeeds in becoming a fossil fuel free world by then or we go down hard.

Humanity vs greed... doable by 2050.

What other choice have we left ourselves?


Can there be peace in a hugely overpopulated world?


I don't think it's a matter of trying, it's a matter of doing, it's a do or die situation...we are seeing just the beginnings of such migrations, there will be more as the climate shifts, the warming gets hotter and the radiation increases, no one will be excluded, no matter how much money or "power" they possess...all the border's, governments; whatever are make-believe, if we don't extend a hand in peace and compassion chaos is our collective future, something I'm sure you and yours do not want in their lives...smile at the rich man that doesn't give a damn or a dime and give the poor man a dollar and shake his hand...yes, pack them in like rats and they will act like rats, applies to rats: we are human and humane by instinct.


I'm not sure about that. Animals help each other too, so we don't seem to be much different that way.


rats will and do eat other rats when in need


Yes. If 1% don't own more than half of humanity (all together), and if laws of distribution shift to favor The People over oligarchic interests.


Despite all their posturing, conservatives haven't evolved to behave much differently than rats.


And today the media is carrying on about the Castro "regime". Why not the Bush "regime", the Obama "regime", or the oligarchy's regime"?


hehehehe...lol...I thought this said enough but it was flagged as not say enough so yes, I'm laughing but sadly, not all the way to the bank