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'Hoo-Boy': Trump's Judicial Nominee Shows No Knowledge of Basic Legal Terms in Hearing


'Hoo-Boy': Trump's Judicial Nominee Shows No Knowledge of Basic Legal Terms in Hearing

Julia Conley, staff writer

Trump's latest judicial pick further demonstrates the administration's focus on quantity—and cronyism—over the quality of nominees


The judicial system in the USA has never been about justice. It only serves to keep the masses under the control of the oligarch class. This nominee is a perfect fit for the system as it truly is.


Sure it has. Provided you spell it “just us.”


(sarcasm alert!)

What’s the problem? Spencer Peterson is every bit as qualified to be a judge as Trump is to be president.


Oh yeah, he looks and sounds like a really bright guy, with lots of varied experience over a brilliant career…WTF???
Where the frell do they come up with these idiot extremist know-nothings?

there must be some basic qualifications even this Congress should apply…right?

The trump regime is apparently all about the lowest common denominator…obviously beginning with the great pumpkin himself - could we possibly have a more unfit, unqualified, designed to destroy, corrupt, ignorant regime?


The justice system in the US, has always been about the golden rule; the man with the most gold makes the rules! How can one hope to get justice by going before the corrupt, unjust?


For these new appointees its definitely who they know, not what they know. And, yes, the US judicial system has ALWAYS been about “justice” dictated by “the golden rule”.

Back in the 80s the cue from my grad school business law professor to signal the end of each class was “Irrespective of what we discussed here today, in the US it all comes down to HOW MUCH JUSTICE CAN YOU AFFORD”.

After the GOP stacks all federal courts with right wing zealots, the 1% will use their tax cut dough to challenge any laws they don’t like, thereby overturning any progressive legislation. Even if all 535 Congresscritters are Green Party, their progressive legislation will be overturned in courts. These judges have lifetime appointments so turning the courts around will take at least a generation.


Verdicts be cheap to buy under this dolt.


Thank you. I realize now that I’ve been spelling it incorrectly all these years.


Excellent comment! Thank you.


Another day, another fiasco fulminating from the frothing frantic Fxxk-up in the WH.


I hope that we will eventually stop having negative reactions to stooges like this guy, and instead remind ourselves that Donny and Bannon set out to stack the judiciary at all levels with people of this caliber.


P.S. Here is an example of what I’m referring to (tweet from J. Vance accompanying the article):

“Confirmations should be put on hold until Trump demonstrates concern for quality not cronyism.”

As if Donny is EVER going to demonstrate this.


How would Trump tell a good lawyer from a bad lawyer? He’s a businessman in the casino, rental and real estate areas of mafia capitalism. They don’t employ good lawyers in those areas. Just sayin’.


I don’t remember following Alice down the rabbit hole but the evidence is everywhere.


USA Today says trump is fit to clean toilets

Oops Sorry wrongo

They said trump WASN’T fit to clean toilets

So now what the heck

Is there something he CAN do?


Not if we can show criminality


Oh my. Sounds like this gentleman needs an extra year or two of law school and then he would still have virtually no experience.


The type of businesses where pay-offs are the accepted common practice with the attorneys acting as the bag men (used the male pronoun because DJT would not retain a female atty unless she had other “talents” to offer…).


Trump’s attorneys all speak Pig Latin so he can understand and relate to them on more personal terms. He especially likes it when they lay in the wash and " squeal like a piggy " for him. Oink, Oink.