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'Hoop After Hoop': Gulf Coast States Playing Politics with Women's Health



Yet another slap in the face of women living on the edge or in abject poverty. Louisiana still has not recovered (excepting the casinos in the region and the wealthy mansion dwellers in New Orleans) from Katrina and the Deep Water Horizon disaster. On the one hand, Gov. Edwards supports marriage equality and transgender rights and on the other, he undermines the well-being of the most vulnerable women in the state with the stroke of his pen. And, he appointed a Repug to be the speaker of the Louisiana House (Barras). Edwards did inherit one big mess after the inept governorship of Jindal, Mr. Pro-Business/Corporations and austerity advocate. And the Louisiana legislature is in the hands of the reservabot repugs. Gotta keep 'em on the plantation mentality remains, it seems.


. . . the law that seeks to "regulate abortion clinics like sex offenders"—by banning clinics within 2,000 feet
of public, K-8 schools—would close two facilities that perform more than half of the abortions in the
state," according to the ACLU.

Planned Parenthood and ACLU are fighting back -- where has our government been?
Wasn't Obama "pro-choice" -- isn't the Dem Party allegedly "pro-choice"?

The choice to have children or not is often a matter of life and death. Often a matter of survival.
Those who attack reproductive freedom know that and it's why they attack in this way -- it's about keeping
women from independence. It's about keeping females from living their lives for themselves.

We should all know and keep in mind that Nature is pro-choice -- it provided many ways via plants
(which are our medicines/drugs) for females to limit pregnancies, to end pregnancies and even to end
their ability to conceive if they wished. All of this knowledge and the plants were destroyed by patriarchy.
Over time, every effort has been made to keep women in service to men, and to keep them from interfering
in the world patriarchs see as their right to rule.


The same morons who vote for laws that inhibit women's sovereignty over their own bodies are FIRST to push, promote, and patronize WAR and militarism.

Their concern for fetuses is a crock of B.S.