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Hoorays for the Biden/Harris Victory, But the Battle's Far from Over

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/09/hoorays-bidenharris-victory-battles-far-over

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The “professionals” can’t be relied on as we saw with 44, the People must Pressure for what is needed.

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Trump is a build-up of gas within the body politic.

Biden/Harris is a fart.

The diet remains the same.

Hooray for farting!

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The first battle will be getting to Joe Biden’s hand touching the Bible on January 20. The organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP and the media that comprises the best propaganda machine the world has ever seen continues to be 100% united and dedicated in their effort to subvert the rule of law and there is no limit to what they will do during the next two plus months to keep Trump on the throne for life, thereby making the 2020 election the final POTUS election, a goal they have been working toward for most of the past century.

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This is the first time in decades of elections that I have not heard about voter suppression. Why is that? All we hear from repugs is voter fraud, dem fraud et al. So did republicans just stop doing there voter suppression? The polls show a landside by democrats, is no one question voter supression? Seems odd to be. Why?

I agree with what you say but don’t know how you came to the media conclusions with evidence. I know they are only profit motivated which means horseraces and battles and not reporting on climate change, corporate fraud, politicans corruption as sure they’ve paid some. 2020 final election?

The World Socialist Party of the United States has seen this all before…many times since its creation in 1916.

The battle of the class war has never really disappeared but the labor unions have made truces and declared cease-fires with the Democratic Party and its masters in Wall St - the Boss Class - only to have them all broken and betrayed as the First Peoples have seen all their treaties with Washington ripped up.