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Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst: Why We Must Be Ready to Protect the Vote

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/30/hope-best-plan-worst-why-we-must-be-ready-protect-vote

It isn’t just Trump’s possible premature declaration of victory if the numbers appear to favor him on Nov. 3, but also the media sycophants will be happy to echo and drum into the people’s heads that der trump is the winner of the horserace. How are you gonna deal with that?


I think a nationwide general strike in combination with nonviolent protests is more powerful than protests alone.


" Protect the vote " ?? ten thousand laughing emojis . Your vote and my vote are toast . the only votes that will be counted are from the six right wing supremes .
Caio America

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Watch the Democrats talk about resistance and then cave again, handing Trump back the White House. Their corporate owners will be so proud.

Give the creep a way out. Going from the Oval Office to jail is what looms ahead for the current POTUS. Let him go into exile somewhere, lay off the vengeance motive or else become like the the disaster himself. And avoid civil destruction.

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Exile sounds like a good way out for Il Duce, providing we get full disclosure of his finances and he pays back every $ he’s stolen from us!!


Protect the vote!