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Hope For The Climate Lives In Paris


Hope For The Climate Lives In Paris

Bill Scher

President Barack Obama and leaders from nearly every country are in Paris today to begin international climate talks that are widely expected to produce an agreement to cut global greenhouse gas emissions. Such an agreement will represent a huge step forward in the race to avert a climate crisis, even if the race will not have yet been won.


How many myriad green energy patents has Big Energy already acquired? I don't know, but I am sure they've hedged their bets in this manner. They will do anything to prevent democratically distributed power production from cutting into their control grid. J'accuse!


A global increase of 0.8degC is already thawing the permafrost and melting the Arctic sea-ice as well as having led to the disintegration of 3 Antarctic ice-shelves, not to mention accelerating the demise of glaciers that provide water for billions, not to mention expanding the scope of droughts etc. And we are going to convince ourselves at Paris that 2.7 to 3.7 deg C rise in global temperature will be acceptable?

Why waste the air fares of going to Paris, O great and noble statesmen of the world?

Or is it that your wives just want to go shopping?