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'Hope Is Contagious': Fears of Covid-19 Outbreak Upend Capitol Hill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/hope-contagious-fears-covid-19-outbreak-upend-capitol-hill


Hopefully Jared Kushner remains available to rally the troops. Stay safe, Jared, wear a mask!

But seriously, folks, it’s hard to argue with Chuckie about this one, going forward. You can’t trust these clowns. Not with anything lethal. Not for a microsecond:

“This episode demonstrates that the Senate needs a testing and contact tracing program for senators, staff, and all who work in the Capitol complex,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Friday. “We simply cannot allow the administration’s cavalier attitude to adversely affect this branch of government.”


Karma is cleaning house. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Peace


I wonder if the govt. won’t enforce mask laws, if people could pressure insurance companies to force people to wear masks or lose coverage - kind of like they would if they went skydiving. Maybe blue cross would have people sign something that inside any public building/business you have to wear a mask - or could be broader - and if you catch covid and insurer proves you didn’t have mask you lose coverage. Maybe just the fear of being caught would force people to wear them. Also, why don’t democrats make argument president is reckless and costing taxpayers money for his treatment when he chose to get the virus - kind of same argument as above.


Republicans in the Senate have been exposed most likely. They should self-quarantine–or, if they have been infected, should isolate themselves. Does that mean the almost-anointed newest justice of SCOTUS will not be anointed after all? One can hope…


Hope Is Contagious – oh, I finally got it! (I’ve always been dull-witted; This isn’t a post-COVID thing with me.) Hope apparently was contagious, but patient zero in this White House outbreak would be interesting to nail. At first I was thinking it was the rabbit woman (the anti-RBG), but they say Coney has a negative test every three hours or so. You can’t be too careful with the extremely fertile, I say!


darn good writing here today.
thank you muchos grande’


And doesn’t “spring eternal” in this case as well. The modern Typhoid Mary becomes Covid Hope. One more to add to the “Stranger than Fiction” folder: The WH as a super-spreader site.

It’s almost like there’s a pandemic going on or something…who knew?

Meanwhile, here in my little Red Hawaiian shirts wearing County, the citizens are still refusing to mask up (“It’s Tyranny!”), and our covid-19 fatality rate has doubled in the last week.


Jim Jordan and Stephen Miller…man, that would be Karma indeed. Not that there aren’t others on that list that I would rejoice to see removed from Gaia, but these two…
Talk about a “super-spreader” event. This just re-defined the term by a quantum leap.


Trump, brought down by just another gold digging bimbo.
The potential irony is delicious.


The governor of a state can create an official mandate that masks must be worn in any crowded areas where six-foot social distancing is difficult, or where people are interacting face-to-face, such as offices and schools. The kicker is enforcement—who’s going to do that, and how? My state of Kentucky has been under such a mandate for two or three months now, and while many people here are complying, there’s the bunch who consider it trampling “on mah freedums,” who also tend to open carry their compensations for what they lack. The Covid infection numbers here are spiking because these non-masking folk neither believe nor care that they could be spreading the disease, because “getting back” on “lib’rals” is what matters most to them.


Not only is Trump reckless but also criminally negligent as well when he went to a rally knowing full well that he tested positive for the coronavirus which ended up infecting other people at that rally. Since Trump has now had fatigue, a cough, and a fever from the virus logic would then seem to dictate that he should invoke the 25th Amendment which would, at least temporarily, hand over the reigns of power to Pence. But perhaps Trump’s ego is not going to allow him to relinquish that power to his vice president. This election has more melodrama than any Elmore Leonard novel. This whole situation is also reminiscent of the title of a Jimmy Breslin novel from the 1970s which was called The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

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Yes!  Hope IS contagious, and spreading rapidly!  Hope that maybe – just maybe – the foul contagion of Fascism that has been growing these past five years or so can be halted, or at least slowed long enough for a vaccine to be devel­oped sufficient to protect what’s left of our democracy for at least a few more years.   Good News that, along with the Orange Mussolini Wanna-be, both Giuliani and Miller have been in Hope’s company lately, and I hope she’s also been close to Barr and McConnell!

Well, we CAN still hope, can’t we?


the Republican party has long been the source of lies that are used to play the electorate -using many schemes to distort reality and have shown that they are quite capable of acting in a concerted manner–this has the stink of one of those lies—my prediction–Trump and the Republicans will experience a miracle cure in short time and will use the promise of that cure to get re-elected

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It must be entertaining to have your Mistress and your Wife with you all the time.
Pictures are all over the news media of Hope and Trump having an affectionate greeting.
LOL as if he could keep his hands off her with his record of assaults.

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So is the plan to kill off all the old people on SCOTUS so they can push it even further right?

These people are going to be fine, because they don’t have to face the same politicized medicine that we do. This is what Trump is reported to be on, in addition to the HCQ (chloroquine) prophylaxis that was reported earlier (from the NYT):

He has received a single infusion of a promising experimental treatment: an antibody cocktail developed by the biotech company Regeneron, according to a memo from his doctor, Dr. Sean P. Conley. Mr. Trump is also taking vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, a daily aspirin and famotidine (an antacid better known as Pepcid), the memo said.

You can find vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, aspirin (aka “ASA”, which I would avoid since it suppresses fever which is important in the immune response) and Pepcid, along with HCQ, on the Eastern Virginia Medical School and MATH+ protocols, where they have been for months:

Here, for example, is Fauci admitting, “Oh ya, I take Vitamin C & D.”

You think he could have told us about Vtiamin D back in April?

Or about Vitamin C when it was being used in NY in Feb/Mar?
Or at least when these results came out in July?

You think they might have announced to the whole country to take Vitamin C & D? Maybe zinc too?

Here are the most recent absolutely spectacular results on Ivermectin, results that have been piling up all summer, with not a peep about it in the US:

And the results continue to accumulate on chloroquine. Here are short synopses of all of them:

Also at the Palmer Foundation in AU:

Here are two MD’s discussing how this issue became politicized:

Those of us who have taken this into our own hands, who understood the dangers and need for public health measures early on, but who also have paid attention to the medicine rather than the politics, and learned what to do to cut our risks and treat ourselves, no longer have reason to fear this disease. I completely isolated for 7 months from Feb. If you know how to care for yourself - and this medical system won’t tell you - you no longer need to be worried. But then, you need to be tracking your vitals since this thing evades the innate immune system and then comes on very suddenly, taking at least the supplements I mentioned here, and you need to have access to at least ivermectin (easy, it’s sold for horses), and preferably HCQ in addition (doable, but you have to get it from abroad).

Hope is indeed contagious, that all of the right wing terrorists and their neoliberal, so called centrist enablers are taught a lesson in karma. If the virus doesn’t do it, then the people will.