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'Hope Trump Enjoys Losing': ACLU Celebrates as Court Blocks Muslim Ban


'Hope Trump Enjoys Losing': ACLU Celebrates as Court Blocks Muslim Ban

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A federal judge on Saturday issued an emergency ruling halting deportations under President Donald Trump's executive order banning entry to the U.S. from seven Muslim countries.


No matter what one thought of Obama, he did stress working within the law. Nevertheless, the law allowed too much, in my opinion, in matters of drone "diplomacy" and other "national security" matters. Trump's early and obvious overreaching has surely been orchestrated by his puppeteers. Time will tell us more.


We have a moral obligation to take in refugees from the countries we have destroyed, especially Iraq and Syria. I just upped my monthly contribution to the ACLU this morning. My battered old card from 2002 is in my wallet.


His parents were immigrants -- he is effectively spitting on them by banning immigrants now!


Reports are that the court order is being ignored in many places. This is where we have to fight. Trump and supporters are known for ignoring the law and doing what they want to do. We are at the breaking point now. Allow this abuse and we lose our nation.


Ignoring court orders, breaking the law... Impeachment!


I'm still concerned about the legal US residents with green cards who are still being held, for who knows how long.This is outrageous. People should not be held hostage to Trump's political stunts.


DELICIOUS. Celebrating the ACLU today and all who worked toward THIS, this first assault on Drumpf. About time, folks, since the DEMS in Congress seem to be worthless. PLEASE consider a monthly pittance for the ACLU, they will need the funds to keep up with the Tyrant's foibles. Every little bit helps us all.


Trump and the GOP are not really concerned about the outcome of issues related to Muslims and other refugees and immigrants. Immigration and refugee issues are intended to catch lots of headlines and provide meat to be tossed to the GOP base to keep their support. Trump will get a lot of mileage with his base criticizing the media, ACLU, immigrants and "elites" for this outcome.

Notice that with minimal press and fanfare, Trump and the GOP Congress (and soon the GOP Courts) are pushing their real agenda, defunding global family planning this week, enabling the selling of public property and other public assets next week, cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid the following week to bolster military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) corporate welfare programs.


I upped my donation to the ACLU this year and no doubt will give much more than I have in the past. This is probably the single most important non-profit in the country to give money to at this time. Trump is going to cost me money and I am sure many other people money with donations to various non-profits taking on the fight against him and his gang. But, if there is was ever a time to be generous this is it.


Trump may not be concerned but many Republicans are. A number of Republicans in Congress have come out against this ban. For the first time since he ran for president he is actually hurting people, not just saying stuff. The tech industry leaders have really blasted this and are concerned that it will hurt their industry. Already many of their important employees can't return to work. This should help shrink Trump's base to the most extreme supporters as stories emerge of families being broken up and careers being disrupted and people facing dangers by being unable to flee emerge. Also stories will probably start to emerge about this ban helping ISIS recruit and making US military cooperation with the armies in Iraq and Afghanistan more difficult. I think the ban will backfire on Trump and ultimately it should be overturned in the courts as it seems to be clearly illegal. I guess Republican are trying to decide whether it is worth sticking with Trump to gut social programs and various regulations or has he gone so far toward fascism that supporting him could result in losing their jobs in Congress.


While Trump's ban on Muslims entering the country horrifies, but does not surprise me, the fact that he excluded countries that he has business interest with is a huge FU to all the concerns/complaints about his conflicts of interest. Impeachment could be much closer that we think. These actions will quickly give Repugs the cover they need to impeach Trump and install Pence, which would be no less disasterous, but would appear more sane. Trump's obvious insanity sparks instant blow back and protest, which is exactly what we need.

I agree with you, Ray, that these actions are a smokescreen for the trashing of the environment and social safety net. For some reason the Repugs think they have a mandate about cutting SS etc. I received letters from both of my senators (ID) this week, 'explaining' why those benefits would have to be cut for younger people, but not to worry, mine will be intact due to my age. Not even a possibility of looking for increased funding options for these programs was alluded to.

I am writing a blistering letter to both senators, not that I expect any response. We all need to be flooding the phone lines and taking to the streets.


Thank you ACLU.


This exposes a clear penchant of Homeland to behave like a gestapo regime, all to willing to carry out illegal behavior.
What about Dillion Roof and family, the cops that shot the twelve year old, or the cop that shot the black boy running away 16 times or the D.C. heroes that shot a mother for running into a White House barrier so hard it didn't even scratch her Lexus or Timothy McVeigh .


The only real Americans are Native Americans, everyone else including DT are here as descendants of immigrants or slaves who were brought to America against their will. So in my opinion, both the Native Americans and the African Americans have more claim to America than DJT!

One has to wonder what the future holds for Muslims and Hispanics as DT has only been in office a week. Folks, we need to nip this xenophobia in the bud because if we do not make a puissant stand for these immigrants now, I fear it will only get worse in the future.


What a loser! He's going to lose so much his head explodes. He hates losers and with his pathology and panic over the size of the crowd and the size of his tiny hands, he may become enraged and lose it.
I''m expecting a melt down.
Don't forget Amendment 25 that allows for his extraction (without impeachment) if he should become a danger to the country and unable to perform his duties.
Yes, Pence would then take over but he would be so shamed he wouldn't come near being the danger trump is. He's a nut case too but would be worried about following in trump's footsteps.
I don't think trumps going to make it a year. Check out this article about his mental state, http://usuncut.com/politics/top-psychologist-just-diagnosed-trump-mental-disorder/ he's a sick puppy.


There should be a flash mob protest everywhere he goes and over every inhumane idea he puts out there.
We need to do this with the Dems too.


Trump is so mentally, incompetent and dangerous that even if he were somehow impeached, in the future, we can't wait that long! Trump qualifies to be removed from office under the 25th Amendment.


President Donald Trump's 1/28/17 executive order on immigration banning travel from Muslim countries and denying entry of refugees is counter to the core American values of a large majority of US citizens. It is immoral (unfair), cowardly in appearance, and potentially provocative. Sign petition @ WhiteHouse.gov: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/…/reverse-immigrationrefug…


I feel so proud of those who went to the airports to show their support for immigrants/refugees, especially those who are Muslim, and resist Trump and the repubs.