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Hope Will Never Be Silent

Hope Will Never Be Silent

A belated, heartfelt happy birthday to Harvey Milk, assassinated in 1978 for daring to come out of the closet, be himself and insist on his rights, who would have turned 89 this week. On Harvey Milk Day, California passed a resolution honoring his "critical role in creating the modern LGBT movement." From one ally: "He imagined a righteous world inside his head and then he set about to create it. These dark days, his legacy resonates more than ever: "You stand up and fight."


Our Living Planet Earth depends on a COLLECTIVE AND VOCAL REJECTION of the worst in human behavior that is consistently exhibited in the oppressive power structures of these times.
Reclaim the power of the people.
Hope Lives, and Living Makes Change Possible.


San Francisco is not the same place, the power of the people has been replaced with billionaires and their widgets. Harvey Milk was a very brave person that gave a lot of people hope for a better future, a unique part of our history.


It was like loosing your arm.

You were still in the same world, doing the same things, but a huge part of your life was gone in an instant.

He was the First and the Foremost at a time, when things were just becoming transparent.

He really was Harvey…everybody knew of him as such.
The Formal Harvey Milk or Supervisor Milk, was a respectful recognition from his constituents .

But the statement , “If a gay can win, it means there is hope the system can work,”
There never was a truer statement. The time really did feel that way.

And then he was assassinated.
Like a formal schism in Time. Before and After.

His Ideas and Ethics live to this day, and the Recognition that Human Rights will not be scattered by the Criminals continues to be the Rallying Cry to Action.
He left too soon.


Castro Street in San Francisco has become a trendy shopping and nightclub district for heterosexuals I have heard. Hillcrest, in San Diego is a horror of homelessness and shuttered gay bars. Just a few of the venerable gay businesses remain. All the action has moved to the very straight Little Italy. West Hollywood in Los Angeles has been co-opted first by heterosexual Russian immigrants and now by mostly a straight crowd. The heart of gay Palm Springs business district, Arenas Blvd. is dead and the most famous gay resort area, Warm Sands has been seeing a huge decline in business lately with actual straight resorts moving into the area, something once unthinkable.
And the traditional cruising places where gaymen have met for generations, the gay bathhouses, have more or less all gone out of business a long time ago.
Like it or not, the gay movement cannot muster the tens of thousands (nor the hundreds of thousands in the old days) it once did, to bring “muscle on the streets” in protest or pride events. They just don’t seem to be there in numbers anymore.
The rise of fascism is concert with an apparent decline in the various gay communities from what I have observed.
AIDS, drug abuse, economic decline and computer based “hook-up” apps seem to have seriously damaged the gay population.

That would be one twisted vision

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I am not alone in that vision. I have many who have privately shared their concern at the apparent decline in the gay community. Just take a drive through the neighborhoods I mentioned. If you aren’t old enough to have a memory yardstick with which to measure the decline, it won’t be apparent to you. It is clear to me and many others with whom I have spoken.
My vision isn’t “twisted”. I have been aware of the gay community since my father co-owned a gay bar more than 40 years ago.

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Gentrification has changed the demographics of many residential groups. In S.F. it is really sad, the diversity is being replaced by development. It is happening in a lot of places but very noticeable in S.F. where a one bedroom apartment is $4000 a month. And a parking lot sells for 3 million. I also think that the natural progression is integration, I could be wrong but there seems to be a trend and a different level of social organization.

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