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'Hopefully Amy Coney Barrett Will Come Through': Trump Legal Adviser Admits Campaign Is Pining for Supreme Court Rescue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/hopefully-amy-coney-barrett-will-come-through-trump-legal-adviser-admits-campaign


American conservatives may now make their big gambit. When they packed the courts to protect their 40 year fascist agenda this is exactly the sort of situation they had in mind.
What we will now see is their two fold gambit. First of course is that they can get the federal courts and the SCOTUS to set new parameters for who can vote, and what a vote is, quite literally voiding many amendments in the constitution. They could change the voting system in the USA to one where a “citizen” may only vote under the most specific of circumstances.
The second part is what the publics reaction is to the first. Conservatives are counting on being able to inflict these new court decisions on the public and have them do what they have been conditioned to do since the mass social movements of the 1960’s were crushed. Shrug their collective shoulders, bend over, and take it.
Thats right folks, the fascists that have taken control of the nation are counting on our apathetic compliance.


Tough but helpful news report, Jake. Thanks for the info.


Get ready to rumble as in General Strike, masses in the streets, plan for rolling, non cooperation. Oh, and to my sisters: leave your silly pink hats and red robes home.


He (they) have telegraphed every move they have made. Why should we doubt this plea? They know that the only way they can win outright is by having it handed to them by a court, or by simply cheating.


They have already accomplished the first part by voter suppression with ID requirements, poll taxes on felons, restrictions on absentee ballots, the destruction of the Voting Rights Act.

The second part is up to us.


Our government and supreme court has turned into the Theater Of The Absurd. “Hopefully” under our New President, Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment will be declared unconstitutional and invalid. The supreme court needs to be reformed and reconstructed into a balanced court of objective judges instead of the unbalanced biased ones we saw appointed under our very -Hopefully-soon-to-be-Former-president.


QUICK! stick your finger in your nose!
twist hard to the right to draw blood.
Open mouth, insert foot, take a hard swallow!
Bend over, smile and MAGA
First, though, take a long walk on a short pier.
When you’re all wet, demonstrate the trickle down effect.
‘Big Tent’ - having lost whatever plausibility might have once been possible, tails and top hats for ring leaders in the cirque de cannibal lined up to be eaten by the tigers (that being corporations still jacking off to Citizens United and slathering their ‘dark money’ which is now of a value slipping through fingers like mercury in heat.

Freddy Mercury was RIGHT!
another one bites the dust…

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If Biden isn’t getting the message that the Trump and the GOP plan to destroy all opposition to their authoritarian agendas, he never will. In some respects, the GOP are like spoiled children who have temper tantrums every time they don’t get their way. The GOP spoiled children have had a number of these temper tantrums in front of the Congress and the Supreme Court, and it appears they are planning to have even more in the weeks and months ahead.

Or perhaps Trump and the GOP are more analogous to the child with a fire fetish who is determined to burn the house down as an act of reprisal against all others who inhabit it. That too seems appropriate.

But none of those analogies go far enough. To hear the GOP parrot Trump’s talking points ad nauseum, we have to face some realities directly. Trump and his GOP enablers are what they appear to be. They are the same voices of authoritarian tyrants throughout history. The governments of Russia, France, England, and many others failed to heed those authoritarian voices early enough, and their citizens paid dearly for those failures.

To protect our nation, Biden and the Democrats have to learn to treat the GOP as despots who are out to destroy them, not work with them. We need as many legislative and other firewalls as we can create to protect ourselves and future generations from these dictatorial types who have ravished humankind throughout world history.


What we need is a constitutional amendment that says that when the Senate confirms judges, it must do so with a 2/3 (or maybe just 60%) majority. And after passage, any sitting judge that was originally confirmed with less than the required 2/3 majority must be reconfirmed with the 2/3 majority within 1 year to hold their seat.

Such an amendment would force bipartisanship. Many judges already meet this standard because the easily changed Senate rules used to require at least 60 votes and as a result many were confirmed almost unanimously. It was only after the Republicans pushed through the “Nuclear option” that only required a simple majority for confirmation did we start getting the flood of unqualified, partisan judges.

The downside is that we no longer have a two party system so that the Corporate Party would still have no trouble nominating fascist judges. Plus, rightfully so, constitutional amendments are not easy to pass.

So pass the QJA now! (Qualified Judges Amendment)

And maybe throw in term expirations as well (which could be extended with reconfirmation).


8:54 AM Fri. Nov. 6, 2020:

Biden just took the lead in PA by 5000+ votes


I appreciate that people are referring to the current cabal as “fascists”, they are. For awhile you would get some resistance even on this site for calling them as such, but more and more people are starting to come around and to acknowledge what is happening, albeit too late.


I shake my head every time I see Barr - the name itself is perfect. The man is a caricature of an AG intent on lowering the bar. Who knows, maybe all of this is test script for Marvel Comics to take over the world. Then again - what is the stance these days of the sector of the population that believes we are “in the end days”. I am not being sarcastic - couldn’t be more serious.

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ah ha … but what is the % of total to be counted … at 9am?

It appears that, like Michigan, when it’s all over in PA Biden will win by a decent margin (although it should have been much bigger)
Most in the Democratic hierarchy are now doing a post mortem on 2020. And it appears they will once again blame progressives for their losses in the House, their failure to win the senate, and losing ground in many state houses, all but ignoring the fact that it was moderate (conservative) democrats that lost their seats, while progressives were very successful.
And now we will see two years of gridlock. And in that time we will see Roe sent back to the states, the ACA completely defunded, marriage equality overturned, and perhaps Medicare as well declared to be a “voluntary” program only.
Without the senate, a Biden win means nothing.


Unfortunately there is little evidence that Biden will have any intention of treating the GOP as despots given the fact that during his entire political life he has boasted how he has always cooperated with the Republicans. But that is contingent upon Biden becoming president. As of three hours ago the N.Y. Times reported that:

  • In Nevada Biden has a slim lead of 11,000 votes

  • In N.C. Trump is narrowly ahead with 95% of the votes counted

  • In Az. with about 90% of the votes counted Biden is up by about 47,000 votes

  • In Pa. with 3% of the votes to be counted Biden is making up ground, where a day earlier Trump had led by 100,000 votes, where he now trails Trump by only 18,000 votes

  • Georgia is the closest state of all where, with more than 98% of the votes counted, Trump is ahead by only 665 votes. Talk about a nail biter.

This is a presidential race which looks as if it will truly go down to the wire. But that is assuming that the courts will allow all the votes to be counted which is what is supposed to happen in a true democracy.


The votes left to count in PA are almost completely mail in votes, which are breaking about 75-25 for democrats. It is estimated that there are still over 100 thousand votes to be counted, mostly from Philadelphia and Allegheny county (Pittsburgh) so like Michigan, you will probably see the margin eventually reach 50 thousand here in pa (in Michigan it has reached 160 thousand)


When [Judge Paul] Diamond pressed a Trump campaign lawyer on whether Republican observers are currently present at the counting site, the attorney responded: “There’s a non-zero number of people in the room.”

You really have to be shameless to make a stupid comment like that with a straight face.


Time for Amy’s Pope Francis Intervention Visit

The most astounding thing I’ve ever seen was Boehner’s Conversion after the Pope’s visit

He stepped down crying from his tom delay style criminal enabling of the tea party

Scalia came as close as a devil dare when Francis came to Texas

Scalia who’s infamous decision denying a newfound innocent death row inmate’s final appeal with “ innocence is merely a technicality, he was given due process”

Scalia made it as close as Marfa before dying the weekend of the Pope’s visit

Amy’s Catholicism is that of a Pharisee
No Spiritually Moral Person would accept a nomination under such circumstances

So Amy. Ready to sign your Faustian Contract in Blood


Nope. No matter what Biden may sign, or who he appoints (if the senate allows his appointments) when there is gridlock the SCOTUS is in charge.
The democrats have never figured out that the Senate and SCOTUS control the government. The House is impotent unless the same party controls the senate as well. If we have learned anything at all about American civics in the last ten years, let it be those things.
We are about to experience the third Obama administration. For four years, nothing is going to get done, the minimum wage will be the same. Social security will see a drop in revenue. Medicare will all but go bankrupt. And the earth will be four more years warmer, without any policy to address it from the USA. Those facts, mixed with a radial SCOTUS, spell doom for a Biden administration.