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Hopes for Peace, Not War, As Iran Nuclear Talks Extended


Hopes for Peace, Not War, As Iran Nuclear Talks Extended

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

With world powers nearing what many hope is the finish line to a nuclear deal with Iran, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed on Thursday that the talks will be extended further, telling reporters that "we will not rush and we will not be rushed."

Speaking from the Austrian capital of Vienna where ongoing negotiations are taking place, Kerry added: "We're here because we believe we are making real progress."


What an incredible waste of time. Obama will end up with a “legacy” Kerry will retire to the lecture tour, Iran will develop nuclear weapons in their off limits military bases. ect al…


Israel has been saying Iran is building Nukes for decades. When in reality Israel is the outlaw with Nukes.


Did you happen to see Russia and Iran discussing or possibly already inking a deal on Quds? This is about a New Cold War scenario and NATO and U.S. thinks Israel isn’t exploiting them both with their constant saber rattling and sniveling threats? Please tell the world that it will a more peaceful place for 99% of the population if folks like Sheldon Adelson, Pamela Geller and John McCain are able to pull The Obama Adm. around, by inserting a ring in its’ nose, and yanking? The House of Saud are miserable cowards, always paying someone to do their dirty work, and have always been so. They, and the GCC, can’t defeat Iran militarily. Hell, they can’t even get a pipeline built through Yemen with all their firepower! Iran controls most of Iraq, already. The world moves on and, if China and the other BRICS want to stimulate their economies by Military Keynesian tactics, America and Europe will be put in a downward debt spiral, defending against Israeli ghosts and lies. Obama can be a Dick here ( as in Cheney ), or he can stand up to the AIPAC Pukes and Bennie the Net and his right wing rabble.


Don’t hold your breath!


The fear porn over Iran is old and tired. Time to change the channel…


Without a concrete timetable for lifting sanctions why should Iran agree to anything?