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'Horrendous': UK Mourns After Labour Party MP Jo Cox Killed by Gunman


'Horrendous': UK Mourns After Labour Party MP Jo Cox Killed by Gunman

Common Dreams staff

Update (12:25 PM ET): British Labour Party MP Jo Cox died on Thursday after being both stabbed and shot following an event in Yorkshire with local constituents.


“If true that Jo Cox’s attacker shouted ‘Britain First’ then this should be categorised as a far-right terrorist attack.”

Seems to me that the words terrorist and terrorism are now meaningless. This was a politically motivated assassination attempt, nothing more or less. I hope she lives to recover.


The gun is the obvious solution to all the problems that the right wing has. No thought or conversation required. Next they will torture their political opponents. Of course you can’t trace it back to the top.


I have not been following the Brexit issue - but is seem that this issue is a lot more than a dispassionate discussion of the pros and cons of staying in the EU. It is one thing for a poor exploited country like Greece to exit the EU in order to free itself from EU-imposed “austerity” and “structural adjustment” in order to pursue a alternative socialist economic path. But I get a feeling that this British referendum is not about this in the least. In the case of the UK. The UK is a rich EU member that could influence the EU - which overall does more good than bad.

Instead, I get the feeling that that the Brexit vote is becoming a proxy-referendum for some very ugly (Trumpoid) nationalism that exudes a distinct whiff (and in the case of this vile political murder - a stench) of the same fascism that is popping up like a deadly pandemic around the world right now.

Can some British commenters here (George III?) comment on this issue


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Yes, you’re spot on, to a large degree. UKIP is the BNP lite, the British equivalent of Marie Le Pen’s Front Nationale’ and their rise is symptomatic of the influx of vast nhumbers of immigrants from the former Eastern Bloc countries since they joined the EU and the general disenfranchisement the masses feel under the forces of neo-liberal globalisation, which occur the world over, but here these same masses have been manipulated into blaming all that on the EU. Look at the Tories that support brexit, they are from the very right of the party, arch neo-liberalists who resent what they call EU red tape hindering business, by which they mean environmental leglislation and the social chapter which protects human rights and worker’s rights. Yet these lizards are tricking, through whipping up anti-immigrant hysteria, the British working class into voting for Brexit and their own clandenstine neo-liberal agenda. .


She’s dead.


Just how does violence solve ANYTHING? It simply and unequivocally does NOT. Insanity drove this madman to kill this woman leaving her husband, young children and other family members with a lifetime of grief. NOTHING was solved, absolutely nothing. Insanity + hate = violence and this toxic formula also drove the Orlando murderer to slaughter so many innocent victims leaving their family and friends to mourn their losses for their lifetimes.

If there is a God, where the Hell is He/She?



If you’re trying to suggest that guns aren’t the enemy of a peaceful society, evidence of harm makes
clear that you are wrong: AMA Calls Gun Violence “A Public Health Crisis” as they have joined
those fighting for gun control in US. There is only one purpose for a gun – killing someone.


Thanks. I must confess that I don’t follow much UK politics outside of the major parties, and I had never heard of the UKIP or the BNP. In the case of the UKIP, I didn’t even know that the British had adopted the Ayn Randian USAn definition of “libertarian” - as opposed to the classical anarchist-socialist meaning of “libertarianism”. That Pound Sterling sign on their “logo” says it all.


Violence has never solved anything which most of us understand – but neither have the many
of us found a way to deal with the few violent who use violence to control the rest of us.

And, its use is ancient –

What has our government taught the world in its stealing of land by genocide here, it’s holding
other human beings as slaves for hundreds of years?

Nor can we ignore the message our own government sends in its gun running, inflated MIC budgets,
warmongering and support for right wing/violent administrations – and its violence in overturning
democratic governments all over the world.

Our government is the greatest threat to peace in the world.

Where do we find leverage over our own government?




So many tragedies and crimes against the innocent. So much money diverted from civilian priorities to military conflict and political/police oppression. The US Navy TV ads touting the “global Force for Good” and lauding all the benefits to the world from military power - all an expensive lie that has been around forever.

I am often reminded of Lyrics from the great Bahamian reggae, junkanoo artist Tony MacKay - Exuma, The Obeah Man, from 1970, a true musical and social commentary genius - i listen to his words often’

excerpts from “Fire in The Hole” - Exuma II

There’s fire, fire in the hole
Its a people explosion of human emotion
You know there is fire, fire in the hole
there’s a people explosion all over this land

You may be able to kill somebody dead
you might be able to bust their head
But you can’t kill emotion
you can’t kill human emotion

Hey Mr Man - all the people up against the wall
they gonna shake your masters castle
Its gonna crumble and fall down on the ground

Yesterday, I saw God walking and talking with the milkman
last week, I saw the Devil, walking hand in hand with the president
Jacobs Ladder was down on the ground
all Gods people were going down
God watched while Satan played
the goodness that he promised has been long delayed
black was black and white was white
all God’s people were uptight

now a dynamite explosion will cause a land erosion, oh yes it will
but a people explosion is filled with human emotion
and you can’t, you can’t kill the people
oh no no no no you can’t kill and idea, an emotion

You can’t build a nation on bloodshed
and expect the blood not to, stain the land
Yeah God I’m right for so many
Yeah God I’m right for so few
You can’t have a lot of people living high on the hog
And have a lot of other people living like dirty dogs
You can’t throw the people little bones
While the rich live in their ivory steeple

my, oh my my, take the peoples hand
open up your big food bin let the people in
to have your coffers overrunning like that
while the people are starving is a sin
let my brothers and my sisters come on in

your food gonna flow over, gonna bust your building down
gonna tear your building down to the ground


Thank you from me too Hobgoblin and tomjohnson. I’ve been away from land of my birth (England) since 2004. Your assessment of the situation confirms what I’d suspected, from what I’ve been able to glean. The rabid right in the UK can be every bit as obnoxious as the rabid right here in the US, and it appears things have worsened in that regard during the past dozen years or so.

So shocked to read of the tragic death of this good woman!


A politically motived (public) assassination is pretty much the classic definition of terrorism.


How bout you read the headline of the damn article before rushing in with your gun propaganda?


No, a politically motivated assassination is a murder committed to eliminate a political enemy and thank you so very much for absolutely proving my point.


You overlooked the ultimate corrective process, electroshock therapy. At the conclusion of pubescence, all citizens shall submit to the treatment. This would obviate the necessity for all those “Democrat” improvisations.



THIS is why I fear for Bernie…

A while back I tried to introduce this subject of Bernie’s safety while wondering if it was
best unsaid. But it was very much on my mind and was pretty sure others shared that

Looking at your message, however, caused me to think that not making this a topic of
discussion likely works against us. All evidence points to a coup on our “people’s”
government in 1963 with the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy.
Same with MLK, Jr. – and a jury actually confirmed that there was a government conspiracy
involved in his assassination. In the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. assassination we again see
tremendous evidence for conspiracy. And, it certainly isn’t liberals assassinating liberals.
Long ago, Europeans were saying: “In America, liberals and other progressives have an odd
way of being assassinated or otherwise eliminated.”

These assassinations to eliminate liberals began long before JFK and the 1960’s slaughter –
many times the right wing has changed the direction of this nation by eliminating those who
spoke for peace and against exploitation of labor, of the need for help for the impoverished.
Two who come to mind immediately are Dag Hammarskjold at the UN and Walter Reuther,
labor leader. Pretty much at the time of these events there were great suspicions of right wing
involvement and the evidence for it has only piled up since then.

I think we also have to understand that while there has been progress made in civil rights for
women, African-Americans, homosexuals – there are corrupt and powerful forces in/and outside
of government who remain opposed to this progress – sometimes still openly.

We are beyond claiming conspiracy – we know there has been treason.


Well actually that’s incorrect, both in terms of the history of terrorism as a political tactic and in the analysis of targeted assassinations like this.

The goal isn’t just to kill a person. It’s to send a message of intimidation and, so they hope, to inspire similar actions in others.

Look up propaganda of the deed.

Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda_of_the_deed

Terrorism was a moderately popular political tactic of the radical left in the 19th century. Targeted assassinations and bomb throwings were committed by people who were identified and often identified themselves as being terrorists.

I don’t see anything controversial or revisionist about labeling this right wing extremist’s assassination of a leftist politician terrorism.