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'Horrific Attack on Women's Health': Trump-Pence Regime Blasted for New Domestic Gag Rule

'Horrific Attack on Women's Health': Trump-Pence Regime Blasted for New Domestic Gag Rule

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Reproductive rights advocates sounded the alarm Friday after the Trump administration released a final draft of a rule critics have called an attack on women's rights and dubbed a "domestic gag rule."

The implications of the restrictive changes to Title X—on which over 4 million people rely—"are staggering," said Dr. Leana Wen, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, adding that the move amounted to "an attack on poor women and people of color."

Ooooooooh . . . didn’t you know??? Birth control and abortion are part of a secret conspiratorial plot . . . . by . . . (the Rockefellers?) . . . to . . . do what exactly . . .

The National Association of Manufactures and the Chamber of Commerce say they need more cheap, non-union disposable labor. Now, that’s progressive, isn’t it?

They make no secret of this desire.

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These anti-abortionists are anything but pro-life! Once children are born god luck finding the support systems to help. Can’t shake the feeling they want millions of recruits for their future wars for profit and to fill the prison cells. They certainly do not have a concern for a livable planet for these children nor any semblance of a just economic system nor a publicly funded education for them.


Anyone want to bet the administration has already checked with their cronies at the SC for assurance they will back this up?

All so unnecessary. Think of this when some Republican troll or extreme leftists tries to tell you there is no difference between the parties. Those who care about women’s rights, reproductive freedom, or the environment generally have cause to be really annoyed with so-called progressives who didn’t rally for Clinton in November 2016 when the Trump-Pence alternative could have been stopped. Now its too late.

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Hmmm--------- so Trump and Pence think that all people who aren’t white must be illegal immigrants-----so they want to make it impossible for poor women to have an abortion,------and there are more black and brown poor women than white women----so hmmm----- and more rich women will just have abortions or have access to the pills and as white women are having fewer children-----America will become less white for the elected racists.
LOL, what a couple of stupid men who want only a white America…
But sadly, when women die in childbirth—and they do, I am very sorry white religious men, clutching your bibles-----I think that pretty soon you might be clutching your gonads---------because when some women die in childbirth-----angry family and friends might come looking for you, and shooting in a Lorena Bobbitt kind of way. : 0

There was one decent candidate for president in 2016, people who care about this country want to know why didn’t you get behind her?
Hint, it wasn’t Clinton.
Instead of whining about progressives, why don’t you confront you’re party, the real problem.


This will be one of the SCOTUS decisions we have feared. I’m we will see law suits on Monday.

The kids born into poor families won’t live long enough to make it to adulthood and become Cannon fodder. And if somehow they do they won’t be strong enough to do the grunt work. Unless the military lowers its standards.

Besides isn’t the military going to go with AI type soldiers like they have with drones? Aw… I see now. The poor and malnourished people will only have to sit in control centers and work those drones. Got it.

Yep. We should have taken the chance of Hillary’s war with Russia against Trump’s anti abortion stance.

Hillary was a horrible candidate. Period. People took a chance on Trump because he at least addressed people’s economic sufferings which we can lay at obama’s feet.

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Just want to repeat that Trump/Pence aren’t doing this for the Evangelicals -
they are doing it for Elites who require cheap labor for higher profits across the planet.

Evangelicals did NOT agree with the Catholic Church’s theory that life begins at conception.


Evangelicals did NOT agree with the GOP efforts to deny women therapeutic abortions when
their life, health or future fertility was threatened.

GOP has been using Evangelicals as a front for Elites in their war on women.

This, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with “morality” either – neither Trump, Pence
nor Elites have any morality. This is what’s it’s always about – GREED of the few and
oppression of women.

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Reproductive health care is just phase one of the Trump regime’s “wonderful health care” that will reduce US health care to sub third world standards, unless you are wealthy enough to be extorted for better care.


The only thing this act has to do with is providing a distraction proven to provoke enough people that will get up in arms about while not noticing all the other horrible things the diabolical Orange Clown is doing to subvert democracy.

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From the perspective of the people , allowing women into the workplace and giving them opportunities for gainful employment was about Social justice and human rights. From the perspective of the 1 percent it a means to depress wages and get a greater pool of workers to keep those wages low. Where one income could once support a middle class lifestyle 2 now needed in a household and those 2 often in debt out the ying yang.

Welfare reform under Clinton was much the same thing. He claimed it about helping poor people get out of the trap of poverty. What it really meant was desperate people entering the workforce by the tens of thousands forced to work the most menial of jobs at the lowest of wages allowing the investor class yet more in the way of profits.

The 1 percent will always use works weasal words like “Sanctity of life” and “The dignity of work” and “The right to work” to advance their agenda but their agenda is always about garnering themselves more money and wealth. It is never anything else and when the people listen to their words they have to remember it always about more money for the 1 percent no matter how flowery their prose.

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Some good news. Governor Evers of Wisconsin is adding to his budget request, millions in women’s health support. Maybe some states could just say screw you feds, were will take over the conversation from here on out.
Planned parenthood could be eliminated in favor of state sponsored healthcare.

Sadly, many #@#^ing states would not participate.

Actually if you think about it’s the white people who are without exception the original illegal immigrants.

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But the conservatives are split. They congratulate themselves for the high percentage of people of color who are incarcerated for long periods of time, limiting their ability to produce. And in incarcerated they are counseled to receive free sterilization.

HI aussidawg-----oh so true— the original illegal immigrants were white and they were so cruel too.
Although, let us not forget that the Puritans whose genes have somehow infected the likes of Trump, Pompeo, Bolton , Pence and Abrams------ are all of various shades of white, but heartless too. And the poor white people of many nations have suffered much when they arrived here too. I have yet to figure out why huge sums of money seem to endow so many awful people with a ridiculous sense of purity! : 0

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I predict both Trump and Pence will be reborn into destitute families with no possibility of ever clawing themselves out of destitution and abject poverty. They are both cursed to a millennia of ignorance and poverty along with all those they currently hold dear.

I know trump has no empathy whatsoever, but I wonder if Pence could look one of these young women in the eye, any race, and tell her he’d rather see her die than help her. I bet he doesn’t have the guts.

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