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"Horrific": Human Rights Advocates Call for Investigation Into Death of Second Monarch Butterfly Defender in Mexico

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/03/horrific-human-rights-advocates-call-investigation-death-second-monarch-butterfly


Mexico, brothers and sisters, your honor and future are at risk from corrupt government, criminal gangs and illegal logging, depraved killers and you must act or forever pay the very highest price; your honor and rich history vanished along with the world heritage species that are the Monarchs! Easy for me to say, far more difficult for you to confront and end.

You and your nation are far from alone in confronting, or failing to confront such atrocities and crimes against humanity and the Natural World. Other nations also must confront criminal contempt of like ilk, and all must struggle against destruction of that critical part of us all that is the Natural World!!


You can see the dystopian future that humanity is hell bent on heading for when people like these two harmless activists can be murdered so easily simply for trying to preserve a tiny area for the gentle and beautiful Monarchs not for themselves but the whole world. The signs of dystopia are clearly there for us to see when the entire local police force are questioned in connection to the murders. There you can almost see the cold calculation where human lives are devalued not only by the casually bold murders by the hired gangs but even more so by the lack of integrity of the police charged with investigating the crimes. There is the dystopian future. It will be in the street level fascism imposed on people by these virtually institutionalized gangs and by their cooperation with the uniformed gang known as the police. The street level brutality will not wear political military uniforms but tattoos. These jack boots will be used to control the people living in their respective fief territories both through actual violence but also the covert control and direction of the gangs by those whose job is to prevent violence not aid and abet it. In a dystopian future, the street level fascism will not march in uniforms nor with the crash of jackboots on the asphalt. This fascism will be less visible but even more pervasive and insidious because it will be enforced by those who do not wear uniforms.

In an overpopulated world of unrelenting infuriating heat combined with the increasing scarcity of practically everything including the basic essentials of food, water and even physical safety just walking out the door will be a courageous act and perhaps one driven by desperation. Dystopian fascism will not need to wear uniforms to attack protests or need to cower people through threats of violence because the lawless gangs of thugs with their ‘official’ impunity granted by the powerful and corporate/political interests will do that for them.

No it won’t be the End Is Nigh. It won’t be the end of the world nor the extinction of humanity. It will be the end of the good times except for the very few. The end of clean water ( have a glass full of forever chemicals), the end of wholesome unadulterated food (want fries with that?) and with all the violence of autocracy and fascism … but without the uniforms.


Meanwhile, in heroic “Socialist” Ortega-led Nicaragua:

6 Indigenous Leaders Killed in Nicaragua Biosphere Raid

In Nicaragua, six indigenous environmental leaders were assassinated last week after a group of at least 80 armed men raided the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve — the second-largest rainforest in the Americas after the Amazon. The attack is believed to be linked to raging land disputes between the local indigenous community and illegal loggers and miners who seek to exploit fertile land, timber and gold. Another 10 indigenous leaders were also kidnapped during the violent raid.

  • Democracy Now - Feb 3, 2020