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'Horrific': Over a Dozen Killed After Gunman Opens Fire in California Bar


'Horrific': Over a Dozen Killed After Gunman Opens Fire in California Bar

Jake Johnson, staff writer

This is a breaking news story and may be updated...

More than a dozen people were killed and many more injured late Wednesday night after a gunman opened fire inside a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

According to authorities, a man who has yet to be identified sprayed gunfire inside the Borderline Bar and Grill, where college students were holding country music night. More than 13 people—including the gunman—were killed.

Details of the "horrific" scene were described by witnesses who were inside the bar when the gunman opened fire.


Here is an interesting approach to dealing with gun violence in the United States:

This approach puts the power to prevent gun violence in the hands of families rather than law enforcement and politicians, two groups that have long proven themselves to be incompetent when it comes to controlling at least some civilian firearms deaths.


I mean no personal insult Nicole but after reading the link I must say that is the most unworkable complicated unenforceable law I have ever read. Every day you can read about people with restraining orders against them killing or trying to kill the person they are supposed to stay away from. People not allowed to buy guns buy guns anyway.
I certainly give credit to anyone trying to find a workable solution to our little mass murder problem and gun lover culture however… I just don’t see this is going to do much.


At this point, my frame of reference in these cases is a combination of political resignation based on the reality of living in a country that doesn’t have the will to reign in guns, and emotional numbness from the shear volume of incidents.

My country has made peace with gun violence, and hundreds of mass shootings a year is now part of our DNA.


And I fear that no legislation by itself will change the death wish of the American psyche. As long as violence, retribution and militarism are our preferred way of dealing with others, and the core beliefs of our culture, the best any legislation will do will be minor adjustments which address the symptoms, but never the fundamental causes.


the mass shooting, which is one of nearly 300 that have taken place in the United States in 2018 alone.

Try wrapping our collective minds around this…and again and again…


That’s just it. As a society, we have wrapped our minds around it.

30,000 gun deaths a year is the price of freedom.


When you fire up hate and fear, violences boils over. The hate and fear mongering has to stop.


I just don’t believe it anymore. All of the sudden Americans, in the last few years, all decide they are going to start committing mass murder?

I scoffed at right-winger conspiracy theories. But my brother is into it. Only yesterday, I heard him listen to some guy say that the perpetrators usually use the same participants for many events, and what do I hear this morning? Mika on Morning Joe says something like "wouldn’t you know, some of the same people who went through the Las Vegas shooting were also at this CA shooting.

Just don’t know anymore. How much traction would “fascist” Trump have if it weren’t for this backdrop?


As one announcer put it “This was the largest mass shooting in the USA 12 days”.

This goes far beyond a “Gun Issue”. These are the symptoms of a society fracturing where individuals see every one else as enemy. The shooter was a veteran and an ex marine.


Many ex military as well as civilians have done this. The ex military has a higher suicide rate I believe. We have a problem with conflict.resolution and the expansion of it in the U.S. Some universities and other schools have opened up courses and treatment services, and it has to become universal and accessible to anyone who wants help. Another reason for national healthcare. Not everyone will seek help, but some lives can be saved. And some mentally disturbed can be returned to health.
Most other sites I have visited would rather go door to door and confiscate anything semi auto. What’s American about that?


Then we had better come up with another definition of “freedom”.


Exactly my thoughts. The US is not divided but fractured. They don’t love one another, they don’t love the country and they do not love the land.


Again the first time I ever heard Rush Limbaugh live was many years back while driving through the USA and listening to him on the radio. I was curious as to what all the talk about him was all about. I listened fro about an hour to him talking along with all his supporters that “called in”.

It was like inviting a BIG ball of hate into my car and it sitting in the seat next to me. Too many are being fueled by and listen to the message of HATE.


Yeah…“freedom”. For some.


Do not be fooled by nutty right-wing conspiracy theories.

There is nothing unusual about fans of live music, especially those in their 20’s, attending many
concerts in a year’s time.


These mass killings are terroristic acts perpetrated by mostly white men against random or specific target groups they hate. Let’s also recognize that too many are veterans who obviously suffer from battle fatigue/PTSD/brain injury and are not receiving adequate treatment by the massive VA system that is not equipped to deal with the problem. Stop blaming the brown or black “other” as the problem. It’s not “them.” It’s us. No offense.


Guess who Pam Geller, Laura Loomer and Paul Joseph Watson blamed right off the bat?


All fake aristocrats?


The price of freedom??? I think it is just the opposite. Notice that pols of both sides do nothing- we have become a numb society, and we must not let that continue to happen.