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'Horrific': Over a Dozen Killed After Gunman Opens Fire in California Bar


There are anti gun activists which helped to change some laws in Ct. after Sandy Hook. This has to be done nationally , and a solution is not to run away to some other country. That is just talk after all. Running away does not solve anything- being part of a group voice can at least bring some hope. Plus, who says Europe will want an American citizen?


Sure, if you go along with it it will be. I have called the NRA, and have spoken to at least one nutjob there. They did not even care about Sandy Hook. In fact this monster laughed about little kids getting blown away. Also, they are cowards nothing but a club and do not let guns into their own building!


I agree- many people have problems- it’s part of being human- and blaming everything on mental illness is ridiculous. Most people who have mental problems are not violent, and many keep their problems hidden. It’s the American way. Isolation is a huge problem in this country, and no one wants to address it. Our weak willed pols who even bailed out Wall Street are not the answer, Action has to come from the citizens just like Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


This is not about me- you are sticking up for guns. Guns are designed to kill - period.


You know who has strict gun laws? California.


I’m not as optimistic as you are about such reforms spreading across the country. Not with this country’s “tyranny of the minority” doctrine baked into everything we do.

As for leaving? Maybe it is talk, maybe it will never happen. But that won’t stop me from trying. Maybe they will want me, maybe they won’t. But I’m not worried about that because I’m more worried for the safety of my children and family than I am of what Europeans think of me. And I’m not optimistic that anything will change in either my, or their, lifetimes. So many references and elusions have been made towards the gilded age, the Great Depression, and other instances of “change.” But I’m not convinced. Things were different in those eras. Elites didn’t have access to the kinds of technology that allowed such easy wielding of power as they do today. Their takeover is complete. The only force capable of breaking their power is nature. But nature won’t discriminate between elites and the rest of us.

This “people power” movement is a sham. It has come up and gone away countless times and still, here we are. I’d rather go somewhere where the people power movement actually succeeded and is firmly entrenched, and that is many (though not all) European countries. But don’t take my word for it, just ask the climate scientists who’ve already escaped.

"In the face of all this, Box and his family relocated from the United States to Denmark. Richardson explains their decision:

His daughter is three and a half, and Denmark is a great place to be in an uncertain world—there’s plenty of water, a high-tech agriculture system, increasing adoption of wind power, and plenty of geographic distance from the coming upheavals. “Especially when you consider the beginning of the flood of desperate people from conflict and drought,” he says, returning to his obsession with how profoundly changed our civilization will be.