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'Horrific': Sessions Says Survivors of Domestic and Gang Violence Will No Longer Qualify for Asylum


'Horrific': Sessions Says Survivors of Domestic and Gang Violence Will No Longer Qualify for Asylum

Jessica Corbett, staff writer, Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In just the latest addition to the Trump administration's mounting collection of "cruel" policies aimed at closing off the nation to refugees and asylum-seekers, Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a new Justice Department guidance on Monday declaring that migrants will no longer automatically qualify for asylum if they present concerns of domestic abuse or gang violence.


So I guess what they get now are our “thoughts and prayers”. I don’t normally slam individuals but this person is a very small and ugly being. Where would any of us be without the welcoming arms of the America of the past? We created the mess that is South America, is this then the way we clean-up after ourselves? What a shit-hole country.


Sessions is, and always has been, a racist. What a pig of a man. He’s in the right party.


What a little shit head. He seems to be blind to the fact that all citizens of South and Central America have been domestically abused and by gangs of American rogue nation graduates of the school of the Americas tortured, had their democracy destroyed and their civil lives disrupted. US corporations steal their land and kill if they stand up for themselves.

Why do you think they travel thousands of miles with everything they own on their backs, Jeff? Escaping the cake and ice cream or escaping the assault and theft of their resources and labor by the US? No worries I am sure you are confident that what you do is the Christian thing to do.


I’ve always been so grateful for being well accepted in this culture since I’ve migrated from Brazil years ago. Now it is sad to see the cold and brutal attitudes many Americans are adopting.


What can we do about this. Sessions is an immoral man


Flat out evil, vindictive tiny excuse for a human, very dangerous. Reminds me of Himmler.


I can’t remember a US Attorney General in my life who was worth a damn except RFK. Since then a steady stream of anti freedom blowhards controlled by corporations.


So if an immigrant SURVIVES domestic or gang violence---------they get shipped back to wherever----------- and get another chance to be beaten or killed? Wow-that’s evil. They get to go back to their South American or Central American country that the United States ruined ----and if they survive that----isn’t that kind of like double jeopardy? ASYLUM—that sounds like the place that Sessions should go----------


Don’t forget Ramsey Clark as well as Robert Kennedy.


I am appalled at Trump’s choices for a cabinet. They are hard core right wing white racist idiots!!! They have no issue with Trump’s blatant racism because they themselves are blatant racists.


Interesting, domestic abuse victims were granted automatic asylum. I know people who wait years in line to get a green card.

I always thought asylum was was for people abused by their own government.


Himmler? You are really out there. I know quite few people that would be offended by that comparison if it is genuine. I’m hoping it’s just the usual failure of the public education system.


Yeah…he’s the sort of guy one could wish bad karma for.


What a Shithole Attorney General.


I am sorry you are seeing this cruelty Marco.

All Americans are not like this.


Time to abuse this little fvck


Shower him with patriotic projectiles and show him how much we love him.


Just remember this when the Dims vomit up Dimpublican nominees because our next Dim President will want to be all bipartisany and be the President for the whole country, as if Democratic policies were not for the whole country.


Sounds like your a Christian not worthy of your Christ. Do I smell the stench of Trump Dump?