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Horrifying' and 'Dehumanizing': Ocasio-Cortez Details Abuse as She Live Tweets Tour of US Detention Camps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/01/horrifying-and-dehumanizing-ocasio-cortez-details-abuse-she-live-tweets-tour-us

I want to hear at least ONE of the Dem Candidates calling for (If Elected…) sending Trump and his involved minions to the Hague for crimes against humanity!

It might be a start to get this Country’s credibility back.

Bernie?..Warren? either of you have the stones?


So here’s someone’s chance to shine as a candidate:

You want to actually lead? Then stick your neck out for what’s right for once. Call for the abolition of ICE and a massive enema for CBP and a complete revamping of hiring profiles to exclude all ex-police and ex-military.

Then finally do something to right an old wrong: demolish DHS once and for all. It’s an agency that never should have been created in the first place, and everyone in DC knows it.

Then, when you’re done with that, get around to something you’ve had a gazillion chances to do since 1992: restore the fairness doctrine and shut down hate radio and tv, restore total public funding to the public broadcasting system (no more corporate “sponsorships”) and basically eliminate the violent propaganda these apes watch and listen to.

Maybe then you’ll earn a vote.


Threats from CPB on members of Congress are par for the course. That might even have something to do with why people like AOC don’t like the idea of sending these creeps a hell of a lot more money.

At the same time, it’s really important to keep focused: exposing the deadly tortures to which migrant children are subjected, thanks to our tax dollars. Anything lurid grabs all the news cycles, so we need to ride this wave carefully and keep focusing on the children. It’s not okay to torture children.

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Don’t hold your breath, phriend.

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I write this as a 60 yo white male:

Only people under the age of 35 should be allowed in Congress. They should term out at 37. The decisions they make will be theirs to live through for most of their lives.

Women need to be at least 50% of, or the majority in Congress and the Supreme Court, preferably from Native American, Hispanic or African American heritage.

Ban all political advertising and PACS.

The great experiment with privileged white males in the majority has brought us to the brink of global destruction.


There really couldn’t be a mass purge of the Border Patrol; Congress doesn’t have that kind of courage. Also, sending Trump to the Hague won’t happen, as the United states does not subject itself to outside courts, and has never considered human rights violations to be important. Sunshine is the best disinfectant; it will take a long time to right these wrongs. If human rights mattered, G. W. Bush, his dad, and Obama would have had a one-way trip to the Hague. It will take a majority of new Democrats in both houses of Congress, and a Democrat or Independent in the White House, plus a very large, progressive electorate to make a difference. It will also, sadly, take almost a generation to happen.


Sure as hell pelosi and schumer won’t


What’s always wrong with that fucking state of Texas. Is it because the population in charge are made up of mostly Anglo Saxon setllers who call themselves “cowboys” scum of the earth. All shitty things happen in Texas, always that fucked up oil baron state of Texas.

The CBP has essentially become the new SS.


Highly entitled people who don’t hesitate to torture children tend not to concern themselves with the objections of lesser people with ethics, not even when there are billions of them. Such persons are however just as vulnerable as any other human being physically speaking, and if they had the will, billions of people, hundreds even, could stop them effortlessly - but never by carrying signs.


Congress has incredible courage, unbelievable courage, they just have no desire or intention of doing this. It goes exactly against their every most fundamental belief, it has nothing to do with any lack courage. Every time democratic congress members do something totally in line with the extreme right, everyone always defaults to this issue of courage, but they claim to be progressive, even Pelosi, Biden, and Schumer, then they support the extreme tight wing here and abroad every chance they get - this is bold, courageous even, highly deceptive, dishonest, and totally what they must do to support their extremist right wing corporate agenda and still get the vote of every card carrying democratic voter who thinks he or she is voting progressive.

Thank you for posting that - precisely what I was about to do! When that came out this afternoon my jaw crashed to the floor and my blood began to boil. This should be patently illegal; the basis for firing and foundation for legislation to halt all privatization of immigration services; and legislation for complete top-bottom overhaul of statutes and institution.

Just because corruption has eaten away public institutions DOES NOT MEAN that ethical public institutions are not possible. They NEED ALL OF US to be tuned in.


In addition, the Supreme Court, to be representative, should have at least 2 agnostic/atheist justices.


CBP… Must stand for cruel barbaric pigs, yes?


And why didn’t I see this today on morning news shows? The gall of the networks never ceases to amaze me. Go AOC and keep up the good work!

Why isn’t all of Congress down at the border getting arrested for making an effort to break these detainees out of these concentration camps?


Trump’s military gang is currently unloading Abram tanks for props at the Washington Mall in preparation of celebrating our ‘freedom’ come Thursday … the land of the not so brave or free.

Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea! This reporting from the border is so repellent and the conditions and behavior of those entrusted with young people, mothers, and vulnerable ones of every age–shameful! This is not acceptable, and it has to stop. How, though? The election is a ways away…
Congress Members who are offended, sickened and outraged—speak up at every chance you get–all of you who are decent should go down there with these Members. Set these folks free until we have a system that is decent! Break u
p these border patrol scum assoc. and use the funds to treat these folks decently.