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'Horrifying Step Backwards' as Sessions Retracts Guidance Designed to End Abuse of Poor by Courts

'Horrifying Step Backwards' as Sessions Retracts Guidance Designed to End Abuse of Poor by Courts

Julia Conley, staff writer

Attorney General abandons directive to protect the poor from needless fines


The “Keebler Elf” needs to be shoved back into the tree he came from.

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“Conservative” can now be defined as: “vile, subhuman thug with no known redeeming properties”.


From the toothless

To the heartless


A vicious little elf makes clear what devolution looks like.


Can’t happen. Alabama voters cut off that tree limb.


Sessions’ action is consistent with what we have observed ever since Saint Ron’s “get rich or get off” mantra captured the hearts and minds of Murkins…

Back in the early 80s my graduate business law professor signaled the end of each class session by saying “Irrespective of what we discussed today, the question that always needs to be answered is: HOW MUCH JUSTICE CAN YOU AFFORD ?”


I would much rather that “conservative” be used with the meaning it carried 50 and a 100 years ago. I have many conservative friends who are decent people, and if you redefine conservative to mean “vile, subhuman thug with no known redeeming properties” then you will need to coin a new word to mean what used to mean conservative – which would be very confusing. I doubt that you will find many conservative leaning people who approve this abuse. “Slime” is a good word for "vile, subhuman thug with no known redeeming properties”

…and there are those that scoff about the idea of there being a war on against the poor…


Based on the conservatives I encounter - from Trump down to the numerous conservatives in my workplace, I stand by my description. Their beliefs and the power their beliefs wield through their triumphant politicians, particularly as many also call themselves “christian” is vile. A person IS their principles, their principles are vile at a fundamental level (need I elucidate further?) therefore the person is vile.

And by conservatives of 50 and ago you mean Nixon, Kissinger and those only slightly further right who wanted to use nuclear weapons on Vietnam?

And by 100 years ago, you mean the robber-barrons who turned workers into hamburger in their mines and mills, and murdered them when they tried to organize?

The very survival of Humanity balances on the defeat of the whole spectrum of conservatism - from nihilistic Ayn Randite capitalism to nationalistic fascism.

I don’t mean that I intend to kill them or anything (even in the case of another civil war as I’m too old to fight), but I will (literally) not give them the time of day, and I wish only that they get a taste of what they have inflicted on others.

And, of course miraculous conversions are always a possibility.


You left out the “bomb the hell out of Vietnam” Barry Goldwater…speaking of conservabots…

As always, I appreciate your eloquence, unassailable statements/presentation of FACTS, and your wealth of knowledge with practiced wisdom thrown in.


Everyone appointed by Trump shares his racist, sexist, homophobic thinking,
including the desire to pound the poor and the helpless into the ground.


This is happening in nearly every city, town, county and jurisdiction in this country. These are mostly misdemeanor citation, not Felonies! It is almost impossible for the working poor, once trapped in this cycle, to get out. It costs a lot of money to be poor in this country!

We are going backwards steadily, and that’s the plan, folks!


Seriously? How about most of Trump’s base?


Creating one big sandwich filled with sick/hungry/homeless men/women/children comprising the bulk of the dark meat; some white meat thrown in all covered in toxic waste laced with bitumen oil, coal dust, and nuclear fallout; topped with charred tree bark from wildfires for spice…stuffed between two giant walls that were built to keep out the rapists/criminals and other brown-skinned wastrels but were found to be easily penetrable and rendered virtually useless then thrown into govt surplus and thus re-purposed. And that is the chosen recipe of the powers-that-be in the WH, Congress, and SCOTUS…eat it or starve.


As you say.

Conservative and Liberal mean nothing anymore.

False labels.

Since 95% of the voting electorate vote for Corporate Warmongering parties, “Corporate Warmongers” sounds like a good replacement for those false labels.

Of course, they’ll deny it, however, actions speak louder than their words.


They are thinking ahead to the near future when there will be a lot fewer jobs. By criminalizing large numbers of people they can reduce the numbers of people deemed worthy of employment, those who did everything right. This is also why the Internet is being converted into a surveillance platform. They can create globalization proof jobs by building abhuge web of secret hardware into every electronic device, so they can ascertain peoples health status, what they poop, even the rate at which they change their underwear.

By finding fault with large numbers of us, they can create self reinforcing traps for the poor that make the system look less unjust. Its a battle of survival for a criminal system so theyre pulling out all the stops.

Read up on North Korea’s “Songbun” system, and China’s “social credit” which rates people by how much they buy. It will all be based on economics. Why supply poor people with air and water when somebody else would spend more money living in that space. Thats what they want. Money is everything world. Certainly the opposite of meritocracy. Public education will be eliminated because its the great equalizer. Especially, poor people cant be allowed to become scientists.

Also, drugs all drugs have to be recriminalized. Drugs are the opium of the masses. god forbid that they would want a life. Instead, You tube and porn.

This fake world is no substitute for real progress. Reject their framing. Resist the simulacrum. And especially dump the global ripoff the trade deals engineered by the stupor rich to make themselves look better than the crooks and scam artists they really are. Recognize what they are doing for what it is and call them out on it. before its too late. Jump out of the pot, you beautiful tasty frogs.

This is exclusionism.


Saint Ronny was in a slow decline into Republi-Alzheimers.

Trump has not excuses. He is a narcisstic sociopath that has a range of thought of “I - me - mine.”. Such as a tax reform tax plan that the New York Times has said would result in Trump saving over a billion bucks. And that is all that counts for the Trumpster. The Trumpster belongs in history’s Dumpster.


We could use Smiling Corporate Warmongers and Frowning Corporate Warmongers, or Blue ones vs Red ones. My point is that it is better to change the labels that we apply to various people and ideas when we want to describe the various people and ideas, than it is to to change the meaning of the labels. Changing the meaning of the labels leads to a lot more confusion. We can apply adjectives to the nouns to modify the meaning, such as Warmonger Liberals or Toady Conservatives. If we are consistent the difference between a liberal, a Liberal and a Warmonger Liberal will be obvious. It is best to remember what these words mean without the modifiers and to use them properly so as not to become dumbed-down and illiterate and at a disadvantage when attempting to discuss ideas seriously.

Merry Xmas to all, and the best of the season to you. I am heading West for the holidays, a week free from wage slavery.


Completely self-driving autonomous vehicle tech is neither possible nor a solution if it were. A lie. A ruse.
A fraudulently pretentious toy the filthy rich contemplate for monopoly control over us, you, them. Are we entering a dark age of suffering heralded by high tech barons pedaling lies? What Transit fix have we? None? Amazon/Uber automaton taxis won’t ever be driverless, that’s not the point; which is to keep people/drivers driving as such as it is today as if this motor vehicle madness can be perfected driverlessly?
Hello? Are you insane?