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Horror on the Border: Slew of Recent Incidents Highlight Human Rights Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/14/horror-border-slew-recent-incidents-highlight-human-rights-crisis


There are over 21,000 Border Patrol agents thought to apprehend 1 out of 3…
130,000 apprehended at border in May X 3 = 390,000 or more may have snuck in unapprehended.
TIMES 12 = about 4,680,000 FOR THE YEAR.

50% - 70% “Getaways” in High Numbers Border Patrol


VADER radar detected 7,333 border crossers during its Arizona missions. Border Patrol agents reported 410 apprehensions during that time.

Look at your Medicare card. No SS#! Why is that. Doesn’t take brains!

Welcome to America. We will force you to continue your pregnancy, no matter what. Then deny you healthcare because you are new here and have no money no job, and no advocate. Then we offer a plethora of vocations for them after they struggle through school in some shitty neighborhood, in some run down school that harbors gangs and bullies.
Jobs like Burger King and the military.
Our human rights plan is endless.