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Hospital Letter Urging Patient to Start 'Fundraising Effort' to Pay for Heart Treatment Seen as Yet Another Reason America Needs Medicare for All


Hospital Letter Urging Patient to Start 'Fundraising Effort' to Pay for Heart Treatment Seen as Yet Another Reason America Needs Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As progressive lawmakers and healthcare experts have frequently pointed out in recent months, few growing trends have laid bare the fundamental immorality and brokenness of America's healthcare system quite like the rise of GoFundMe and other crowdfunding platforms as methods


The quote by Joseph N Welch can be used here, applied to the health care for proft model rather then to Senator MacArthy.

You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

Indeed this can be applied to the system called Capitalism itself where even as people go hungry and sleep under bridges , others are eating “Gold flaked” ice cream cones.

I guess there no profit in “decency”.


And who are the real death panels? My Fox News brain-addled father keeps railing that national single-payer health care means death panels can’t understand that the medical system and the for-profit health insurance companies are the real death panels.


There is no “panel”; I hope you can get that through to him. All single-payer is is normal health CARE treatment without all the paperwork and a BLOATED FEE.


Oh my, it’s dystopian novel time again: always inspired through the actions of REAL American corporations—: 0
Let’s see how empty of soul the medical money makers has become…well I see several scary scenarios here:

Wow, and in a scary way we do have a part of the country called the HEARTLAND. Hmmm, well the military will go out there and grab healthy people off the street and begin stealing hearts for selling as transplants. ( for rich people no doubt)

OMG, as was said to be once practiced in China…prisoners will be judged GUITY constantly and well, have a brief hospital stay-----and oh yeah, heart sales will suddenly be abounding --lotsa lotsa .

And of course, that Denzel movie, which I can never remember the name—where his child needs a doctor, so he takes over the hospital----- but here’s a switcheroo---- while making rounds heart doctors will be kidnapped and if the receiving patient dies, so does the hospital board! ohhhh scary as in guilt by association!

ATHLETES will suddenly disappear as , gosh they must have great hearts and so young too----yes, an obscure and scary promotion team for hospitals will sell a clinic with miraculous rehab for sports injuries----but–oh yeah----------athletes check in but-----well you know how this ends!!!: o

Saudi Arabia all find a NEW and even BIGGER export than oil—and yeah-----they will actually do that—what with all the beheadings—who will notice?

The really scary hospitals will start offering coma care----of course, the poor patient will go in for removal of a wart and gosh—again—they go into a coma and —well you know how long those can last-----but these people won’t even try to fool anyone. They just rip the heart right out and freeze the body , but the relatives can still see the seemingly alive body through the completely human free environment because you know Mom or dad might carry in some germs and kill the person—who is already dead-- and HEARTLESS —but who can tell from the outside viewing room?

I’m sure others can add some more despicable ideas that in my haste I have overlooked. Yes, I am being heartless about the medical community who sees MONEY as next to GODliness----------but then heartless CEOs, maybe your really heathy children might have a mishap-----oh well, I bet you will have your own kids insured- for a bundle— so it won’t a total loss for you
dingos for dollars!


I don’t mean literal “death panels”, I mean that the current gatekeepers act as de facto ones.


I guess my point, which I was clear as mud on, is that there are NO “gatekeepers” with single-payer. What you need is what you get.


Indeed we do have rationed health care in the US, the most insidious form – it is rationed by one’s ability to pay.

It is not unrealistic to determine that a transplant recipient will be able to follow aftercare guidelines and to pay for and use the necessary medications.

What is unrealistic is to expect a dying patient to go out and beg for funds to prove they can pay for their medications. Health care in the US for many, getting it or not, is obscene.

That said, in many instances one can apply for and receive “free” medication. That means no savings or funds to pull from. (I suspect the pharmaceutical co’s do this so they can continue to charge $5,000 per pill to those w/insurance, trust funds or bank accounts to pay. And since BigPharma doesn’t want to snuff out this golden goose gifting a few leftover pills to the destitute is a small price to pay to keep the hoi polloi from revolting.)


I don’t think I can stand much more of this “Greatness” in the US. Everyday it’s a new low point, can’t afford a medical procedure, go panhandle, if you beg for enough money maybe we’ll put you on the list for you’re treatment.
And we wonder why there’s so many mass shootings. How much lower do we have to go until we are “Great Again”?


Perhaps when leeches, bleeding and emetics are restored as primary treatment options. The risk of pharmaceutical gouging from mercury peddlers may remain an issue, regrettably.


Please correct me if I’m wrong, are you actually defending our Capitalist Medical System ? Sure some people can receive reduced price or free meds for certain medications, but that’s only from Pharma co.'s that feel guilty for their obscene profits, not all of them. Should this be our national plan ?
Just like the rest of Capitalism…….Screw the working class.


Holding fund-raisers for cases like this has been the norm for years. That said, Congress knows that anything resembling universal health care would make no sense in a country that’s over 20 years into its war on the poor. It’s not going to happen. Lack of adequate food and shelter take a toll on human health. In fact, the overall life expectancy of the US poor already fell below that of every developed nation.


Here’s what liberals don’t understand: Not everyone can work (health, etc.) and jobs are not available for all. The US began shipping out jobs in the 1980s. Democrats ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s, and the US lost over 6 million mfg. jobs alone since 2000. What do you think happens to those who are left jobless today?


Where to start this comment?..Do people have any idea how demeaning it is to beg for help? Especially when it is for an organ you cannot live without? Self image goes out the window. I know first hand. I have a gofundme page for healthcare. It sucks bigly!


Sick people who can’t pay their medical bills can go on the street corner and beg for money. That’s one option. The hospital will probably make you a sign.


Yes, you’re wrong. And you’re repeating what I said. I put free in quotations for a reason.

The prescription drug assistance programs can be arbitrary and can vary from year to year. Transplant drugs need to be taken for life, so relying on the generosity of BigPharma isn’t the greatest plan, it might be, however, at this moment the only plan around. Further, it is a waste of a healthy organ if the transplant patient cannot afford the immunosuppressant drugs – so it is incumbent upon the transplant team to ensure these patients are able to obtain the medications they need and not boot them from the system if they cannot.

What we don’t know is who is paying for the heart transplant, insurance? the hospital? Charity?

"The average reported cost of a solid organ transplant ranges from $260,000.00 for a single kidney transplant to over $1.2 million dollars for combined heart and lung transplants (1). … However, long term oral maintenance immunosuppression and other prescription medications can cost patients upwards of $2,500.00 per month depending on various factors including the number of prescription medications, insurance coverage, with the average annual cost of medications in the United States reported between $10,000 and $14,000 per patient (3). The documented cost as billed charges for all outpatient drugs prescribed from discharge for the transplant admission to 180 days post-transplant discharge is between $18,200.00 and $30,300.00 for kidney transplant and heart transplant, respectively, and higher cost was seen if multiple organs were transplanted."


Liberals are supposed to be better about defending the public, than the Republicans, but nowadays not many politicians will after they are elected. Bill Clinton sure wasn’t.


Well, yes, that is true and that is what most people really want, if given a clear, unbiased description of options.


Problem is that Big Pharma denies many of these requests for free meds and when they do give a patient the meds they need are not enough to cover what they need.


From the Brits and the right wing trying to destroy their superior healthcare: