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Hospitals Should Tell Trump to Shove His Orders and Send Their Data to the CDC Anyway

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/15/hospitals-should-tell-trump-shove-his-orders-and-send-their-data-cdc-anyway


A Pittsburg company is managing the data.

The CDC software is out of date and replacement is this coming December.
We have over 3,300 county heath offices. They can each phone in, e-mail in
all the test counts given, positives / negatives, and details of patients in hospitals.

Info to three places: seven days each week to avoid that seven day floating average BS.
Federal CDC, HHS and state public health

Univ of Washington team predicts an additional 100,000 deaths by Thanksgiving.


This is what Putin would do.


“It’s time for hundreds of little rebellions.”


CDC is and will be hopelessly co-opted at least until the GOP is no longer in control.

Like most industries, I assume that hospitals are members of trade organizations that have always compiled whatever data their members want them to.


The US House Committee on Energy and Commerce conducts oversight of the CDC. Chair Pallone must bring CDC Director Redfield befor the committee to answer questions about this radical and unprecedented change in data collection. Call (202) 225-2927


Or duplicate them and send them to both… and then we will see how big a liars web the liar in chief and his administration weave.


“This is nuke-the-moon-to-control-the-tides crazy.”

Uhh, excuse me, but it’s BAT SHIT CRAZY.

I’m with you on Bond-villain level evil, but Bond seems to be in hiding and is not likely to step in just when we need him.


70 THOUSAND new infections today and no signs of slowing. Canada had 320 and are concerned about that spike .

And members of Congress wonder why Canada will not open its borders to US Visitors?

Trump needs to make sure that the number 70000 new infections a day does not keep climbing each day and the best way he can do that is not publish accurate numbers. He apparently has nothing else in his Quiver of Genius.


Ivanka’s handbag looks suspiciously like an industrial shredder.

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Agree completely with this article! The picture that accompanies this article shows donnie for who he really is. Note the posture?This is a petulant, spoiled man-baby, he’s gonna stamp his wittle feet next if things dont go his way. I mean look at the picture, and then think about this…he wants to HIDE…wait for it…accurate information…he wants to hide knowledge actually, and critical data that is absolutely necessary, for America to get off its KNEES!And target hot spots and proactively test and trace rather than react to a cycle of infections which by the way! could be nearly never ending! in the absence of a national mandate for protocols and interventions to fight this awful virus!
He wants to hide Information about a PLAGUE!!that is devastating his own people!He wants to HIDE that information, merely for selfish political reasons…think about that and then LOOK! at this creature in the picture again. He is beyond a threat, or a real and present danger…he is a MONSTER and must be stopped.
Hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake. Where is that revolutionary spirit when you need it? Little rebellions, big rebellions, concurrent rebellions! but yes! somebody! and everybody! do what ever you can to stop this man.


My thoughts also.

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Actually, WHY isn’t that information in a pandemic published by each healthcare facility and hospital? In a community, doesn’t the local public in that area have a right to know the status of the deaths, infections?
They would not have to betray patients confidentiality, they would be numbers, anonymous.

What right would they have to deny that information, information that could mean life and death to the public?


Starting with OHSU. I have questions about side effects of being non- symptomatic,yet have been exposed[ even un-knowingly ]. Can a strange UTI that did not respond to anti- biotics the first treatment and does not seem to be responding to a different anti-biotic.Be a unknown side effect

Uhh, the right claimed by a “Unitary Executive” (dictator) who hates all humans? From what friends have told me, his niece is tossing out some big grenades.

Defying Trump = Putin
Obeying Trump = Putin

Basically that is the summary of U.S. political discourse, if you don’t do what we want it = Putin

You have to wonder, with this level of infection existing, why aren’t Airlines being grounded to avoid spreading the infected all over the country?

All over the world.

Yes here in Canada there recent concern raised because it was determined that a person on a domestic flight had COVID and all other passengers might have been exposed.

I know you just can not shut down anything but are those flights really needed?