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'Hostile Takeover': Oil & Gas Industry Now In Charge of US Foreign Policy


'Hostile Takeover': Oil & Gas Industry Now In Charge of US Foreign Policy

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a vote strictly along party lines, Republican members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to confirm former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State on Monday.

Despite unified opposition from Democrats on the committee and a campaign by climate action and corporate accountability groups, Tillerson's confirmation now passes to the full Senate where the Republican majority is nearly certain to finalize his appointment.


Im sorry, I'm a little confused (cue Biff Williamson for softball duty).

Have they not been in charge of these things recently? Like, you know, Libya? Or Iraq? Or Syria?

Tillerson's going to suck. But no more than the last dozen lackeys to hold the gig.


Eh, hummm...

"'Hostile Takeover': Oil & Gas Industry Now [Officially] In Charge of US Foreign Policy"

That is to say, along with the rest of the good ol' boys, e.g. financial services, military, security and "intelligence" moguls.

C'est la vie.


First on his agenda: rescinding sanctions against Russia and the money will start flowing into Exxon-Mobil from Russia with love...all oil and other lucrative extraction operations will commence post-haste. The champagne corks are really popping now in Russia and the executive suite of Exxon-Mobil in Dallas-Ft Worth. Welcome to HELL!


Exactly the same as it would have happened under Clinton ?


TPP had completely inadequate protections for the environment. Do not confuse its doom with a Trumpian benefit to the planet. While Trump removes obstacles to coal burning and to oil and gas extraction and pipelines here in the U.S. - the free flow of oil, the wars to secure it, and the carbon induced climate disasters they bring have no resistance in the seats of power.


I keep thinking about the TPP and how it turned our sovereignty over to the corporations. But hey, this is definitely a much more direct route.
They've been making movies about corporations taking over for years now. Well hear it is.
The old one was the best. Continuum and the new one is Incorporated, both tv series that depict life under corporations. Not a pretty picture.


Ignorance is bliss.


Take the oil! "The establishment" runs for cover!!!


Happy trolling


You should know.


Tillerson was handed the diagnostics on the planetary disease over thirty years ago. I would submit that the oil industry is THE template for the "derivative" model. So, see that guy sitting there? Can you say Dick Chainey model? Neither of them can conceptualize the planetary dynamics they so studiously deny exist as poisoning, causing die-offs and triggering a planetary immune response system. ...So go the lab coats over to the morgue gloves.
Think about how oil has been marketed to be used as absolutely widely as possible, in every single thing, in every single life on the planet - NO EXCEPTIONS. Thats called playing god, the disease of the "modern" western civilization. And remember, ALL marketing is shaped to instill in YOU that very same DESIRE to play god. Of particular note is the utter and complete absence of connecting that desire to accountability and any science outside of the technological reduction of the original science. That is equivalent to the play-god being a ' fallen angel' know at times by other names. Maybe if we treat it as a fallen angle, an angle so far off as to be dysfunctional, we get over the conflation of hyper religionism with the state, which in and of itself being delirious fever-pitch side effects in the planetary immune response in the still communicable highly toxic stage.


Tyrannoilsaurus Rex to Trump: "Great business decision running for president Donald". I got us a sky box at the super bowl and invited our buddy Vlad".


Well, maybe more. But point well taken.


Thanks for telling us about Incorporated. Love sci-fi.

The only thing i didn't like about Continuum was how at first the resistance were like psycho killers. And all the violence, but some of it is just choreographed kick dancing, really. And you can fast forward through it on Netflix.

Otherwise Continuum rocked. As you say, the only ones to talk about it out loud.

X-Files has one of those shadow govt. guys saying something like, "We predict the future. And the best way to predict the future is to create it." And this was in the 90s!

It's going to get harder to get a good anti-empire show on anymore, I bet. Hope I'm wrong!


Oh, come on. Given what policy has been, how hostile could an oil-based takeover be?

I would hate to have come out and implied that Donald Trump or his administration were innocent of anything. It's way too early to do so, for starters, and there is no particular indication that he is ever likely to be innocent of much.

On the other hand, the choice of accusation here is worse than suspicious. How can there by a hostile takeover of foreign policy by an oil industry that has long already controlled foreign policy? The implication here is that it is the Republicans specifically who are involved, and therefore that the Democrats are not. And this is after 8 years of a Democratic administration's acts of war in countries in and around the oil region, and money from 5 oil-producing countries to the Democratic campaign coffers--a foreign manipulation of American elections for which actual evidence has been produced, unlike the "Russian hacking" malarkey.

Come on. It is not like there is apt to be anything politically innocent or good about the current Republican administration. But how can any constructive unity evolve amid this sort of deceit?


Still waiting for those Trump wiki leaks! Hmm not there . Oh common anyone not seeing the difference between Clinton and a Trump on day 2 will never ever see them.


Mad Dog Mattis was confirmed on a vote of 98-1. Watch how many DEMS vote for Tillerson. Every DEM that does IS A REPUBLICAN. I predict more than 95% of tRUMP's Insane Clown appointments will be voted in by a large majority of Dems. Get a clue. DEMS = REPUGS. They have since Reagan and the TwoParty needs to be removed and replaced with a direct democracy system.

1) General Consumer Strikes.
2) 1%-TwoParty-tRUMP stand down, step aside and take a seat.
3) Consensus vote on all Policy Directives via 99% Direct Democracy.
4) Elected Officials will then become hired employees to IMPLEMENT OUR POLICY DIRECTIVES or they are fired.
5) The 99% create a new egalitarian Constitution based upon Direct Democracy.
6) The social needs of humanity replace the financial objectives of the 1% as the founding premise of the Constitution.


You don't take money and then vote against the givers or you will get......


Assuming he gets approved by the Senate it would seem likely that Tillerson will get an ear full about climate change in almost every country he visits and at all international meetings. He may be sorry he signed up to substitute as a target for anger against Trump. A lot of countries are probably just waiting to let loose. I am sure they are as upset about Trump as so many people in the US are.