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Hot Enough for You?


Hot Enough for You?

David Suzuki

If you follow climate news (and you should), you’ve likely heard of the global warming “hiatus.” In attempts to keep the world hooked on diminishing reserves of polluting fossil fuels, climate science deniers seized on that phenomenon to claim the warming they once argued didn’t exist stopped. Others took up the false claim out of ignorance and fear.


Here in the East Bay Area (Richmond), our sky is continually filled with smoke from as far away as British Columbia. It’s so weird, because the prevailing wind might be gusting strongly from the Pacific Ocean - but that ocean is itself covered in smoke around here. We’re all coping with grey skies and small particulates to breath for weeks on end, now.

This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends.


This seems to be too complex for Republicans to understand. Is there some way to make it simpler so even they can grasp it? They seem to understand short phrases such as “drill baby drill.”


Nonlinearity is a bitch, if I recall my mathematical training correctly. So is chaotic behavior. On a global level, homo sapiens have largely enjoyed a relative period of gradualism, as the geologists would describe it. It’s foil, catastrophism, awaits on deck, as Nature bats last. What a shame humankind is tossing her a slow pitch right down the center of the plate. Right up until the end the market will accept bets as to the date certain of no return. I have yet to figure out how the “winners” will be able to spend their spoils, but am certain that they are not that forward thinking.


It is the poor who pay


this year was the year where the oceans were supposed to be cooler than usual - La Nina
next year- el nino

After having the most weeks with three or more ninety degree days in the summer, Portland is experiencing unusual cloud cover this week for mid August.
They are not explaining why when the thermometer read 65 in the summer evenings it felt like 85, and why now when it reads 65, feels like 55

Many trees have died this summer in the most peculiar way - not shed their leaves, but have gone completely brown with leaves on the branches, and the leaves have not fallen off for weeks. Then the trees eventually do fall off, including branches.

We have no idea what we are dealing with.

And when el nino returns next year, as it is supposed to, it wont just be the trees.


New headline: “World coming to an end. The poor to be mostly affected”


The temp can’t come down til the human population drops. We are beyond carryng


How about fry baby fry.


Good Point. Current predictions have the chance of an El Nino year this winter at about 70%. If that happens it will be a very hot year for the globe.


There will be survivors and the rich will be the most likely to survive. As resources get scarce, they will be the ones to be able to afford them. Stockpile them. And when society collapses, they will have the power for private armies and sanctuaries. And the food and water to feed their army.


As with most situations unfortunately, just look at the numerous hurricanes and diseases and see who in history tended to get preferential treatment. Or better yet just read Disaster Capitalism.


I enjoyed your irony…but seriously, it will be the poor who will die early and the rich will continue to live in their luxurious bubble. As always it is the poor who pay the price of capitalist policies such as subsidising the fossil fuel industry and its carbon emissions.


We live in a class society and that is the fact of the matter, isn’t it. Policies made to benefit vested interests is a plutocracy, not a democracy


Or, deny baby deny.


I recorded my voice recently for a text training air traffic controllers. It included conversations about pilots dropping large amounts of fuel to maintain flight speeds and to reach destinations on schedule when going through unanticipated rough weather. I questioned the frequency, and was told it is not uncommon. I wondered where they could possibly throw the fuel. Only in water or in uninhabited land, right, because of the fire hazard?
And so I presume there are other reasons also for these fires. Arson, fuel discard, as well as just high high temps. In some areas they do controlled burns which go out of control. In Northern California a few years ago , a road worker actually told me, “Smokey the Bear starts forest fires.”


Too many businessmen and women in Congress, and too much business influence on our leaders. Besides that, ignorance and religion are rampant. Not much hope for things to change, but a progressive president like Sanders could raise the alarm so more pay attention and demand change.


Strategies are becoming fairly evident, aren’t they?

We will not see a positive reaction from government or business, at least not in the West, at least not before some large event changes their outlook. The Western empire looks to burn resources and ecosystems to maintain dominance to steal or purchase their way out of problems.

A majority is bought into their schemes in large measure–not approving, but participating day by day for what is regarded as economic necessity.

A minority work against this with information and lobbying of a sort.

A minority work by direct action, to correct problems without government or large business, including by the passage of information.

The latter group is small, but increasing very quickly relative to its size.


I wish everyone would quit saying that …anout rhe poor… Wh to?..because …well…first of all …not too soon from now…even the not so poor are going to be feeling the pain …but . Also because. Eventually the rich and super rich. Will get theirs . The poor may suffer first… but Nature is coming for all of us… No one. Will escape her wrath … she will ravage us …as we ravaged her. As a consequence of the planet in chaos and upheaval … all our precious infrastructure will be torn to shreds…and what is in cluded in that ?? NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS . So, you see … That …will be truly be our end. .