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Hot Hot Heat: New Data Shows World is Baking in 2016


Hot Hot Heat: New Data Shows World is Baking in 2016

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the party of climate science denial convenes in Cleveland this week—minus the few Republicans who care about global warming—new data further confirms that the world is on fire.


The Arctic Ocean has melted hundreds of miles off of the North Slope of Alaska. Now the summer sun is pouring into the water, setting off the Arctic methane bomb.

Capitol Hill shall become an island. Not that it already isn't a philosophical island. Elsewhere in the world, the oceans shall become too acid for fisheries and the wheat belts shall become quite undependable. Perhaps we can eat natural gas.

Yes there are engineering solutions! In most cases we're just not working on them, nor are we developing products that use these solutions. It's, um, uneconomical to do so. Remember that boisterous Republican Convention "Drill Baby Drill" chant?


As the Party of climate science denial convenes..."
This GOP-party will need to be the Law & Order Party when the effects of Climate Disruption cause great unrest and disorder.


Come on what do you want a war on climate change, or a very profitable war on humanity?


Hillary Clinton takes Climate Change very seriously, which is why she has instructed her limo driver to turn up the A/C as she chats with her Middle Eastern oily-garch pals and lobbies to expand fracking worldwide.

Heads (Republicans) they win, tails (Democrats) you lose.


Just start writing about the aggregate insurance bills for floods, drought, landslide, forest fire, hail damage, highways washed out, etc. Oh, and don't forget damage from fracking earthquakes in Oklahoma, along with the tornado losses to families, towns, counties and states.

When that's done, start figuring in the TOXIC CLEAN UP COSTS - something I NEVER see mentioned - following any of these natural disasters that are leaping over scheduled appearances like deer into a ripe garden. I sure hope folks find it listed because if its not, then I have a feeling we've got a problem.

No doubt this doesn't even come close to where the real dominoes are lined up.


Capital Hill is still pretty much part of the ole' swamp isn't it?


Get a grip nocubed, we all loose. Both Party's are not coming to the table on Climate Change.


Get a grip nocubed, we all loose. Both Party's are not coming to the table on Climate Change.

Want know a dirty secret? Neither party can come to the table because civilization is a heat engine. Which party is going to campaign that they can collapse industrial civilization faster? It's all make-believe.

A species of hubristic naked apes going over an ecological cliff. Fun while it lasted, just don't expect me to join in the game where we pretend the Republican party is to blame for this civilization hitting bottom. That die was cast long before this idiotic party appeared to dump its elephant crap all over the world stage.


Wow. Pretty soon people will only have to put their food outside to cook it. No more stoves or hot kitchens.


And next year will be even hotter. And the next year. And the next. Stick a fork in us. We're done.


But then people just keep having more kids, and demand that the heteronormative status quo be accepted, no matter if they understand climate change or not.


It won't be much longer.. perhaps ten to fifteen years when crops will exponentially begin to fail. No more wheat, no more rice, no more vegetables, etc. And with no more bees and butterflies in the coming decade, our demise will befall us all sooner than we think. I believe we are very close to the zenith of global human population growth. We're all going to crash into extinction very soon. I just don't see how this house of cards can stand much longer.


Great idea actually! We could just use our cars as solar ovens! Beats using them to cook us all slowly to death like we've been doing.

In Anchorage, I used to put canned soda and drinks in a plastic bag and hang it outside the window of the hi-rise to chill them down. Can't do that anymore, it's 80 frigging degrees up there now.


That already happened in these islands I'm in. The crops all burned on the big Southern island due to drought and the starving farmers blocked all the roads in protest so the army was called out and fired on 6,000 people. The Naked Ape can handle extreme cold, as was evident the last ice ages, but not extreme heat in an age of tight ag supplies.


I feel the same way-----and when I say "feel" it is as if all my senses are sounding alarms as ecosystems collapse. For those in the city, it might be hard to see . . . .

Am writing from the upper midwest with heat advisories in place. There are still serious issues related to the flooding of last week. Roads closed, people still stranded in their homes, individuals getting killed by their choice to drive around barricades on to collapsing roads or into flooding rivers.

The air is heavy with absence: there are almost zero monarchs, fewer birds, very few bats (white nose bat syndrome). The lakes are dying from invasive species and the trees are dying.

Most of the people I know DON’T CARE or are in serious denial of the extent of collapse. Even if they did care, many cogs in what was once a miraculous, beautiful wheel of biodiversity are very ill. There is suffering-----it is apparent. I can’t imagine how the biosphere could ever recover from this. It is like stage 4 cancer.

It is easier to talk about Melania’s plagiarism or Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary-----evidenced in the number of comments after this and Russell Greene's piece.


Wondered about that myself and in that vein-----and in keeping with "the end of civilization"------
why the hell is Tony Schwartz just NOW coming out with this? Couldn't he have given his confessional a year ago????


"Global warming? Nonsense," said the industrialist. "Mars will always be the lush green planet it is today."


Much of what you said could happen except the extinction part. Humans are so damn bloodthirsty only extinction seems sufficient punishment eh?

Well nature is a master of resiliency. Rather than extinction but in true mammalian species style, humans may see incredible hardship and severe reductions of numbers (rapidly no less) just like do any over populated species whose numbers exceed their food supply. We die off until the surviving numbers can be adequately sustained by the available food supply and environmental conditions.

If that means a few millions trying to live in the far north trying to grow tropical plants then that will be the survival rate. Extinction can only happen with a biological or nuclear catastrophe (war). It almost impossible to conceive of a scenario otherwise where at least a significant number of humans wouldn't survive.


The air is heavy with absence.

An elegant line.