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'Hot New World': Raging California Wildfires Expose Reality of Climate Threat

'Hot New World': Raging California Wildfires Expose Reality of Climate Threat

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"What should make Southern California fearful is that climate change could mean a future of more frequent and more intense wildfires."

fire in Calif.
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More fake news? These fires are another climate hoax. What do these climate scientists know anyway! They are so stupid that they really believe the Chinese hoax!

Donald Trump and his fellow, imbecile climate deniers!


“At one point last winter, Barber said, the North Pole was 29 degrees warmer than average. Air from California was being drawn to the top of the world.”

“We should have started 20 years ago,” Barber said. “We didn’t get our act together and we’re still dicking around trying to figure out how to price carbon.

“These things are costing us. And they’re costing the stability of our planet.”

  • David Barber, Canadian Arctic Chair - following an Arctic Council Report just recently released:

climate deniers should be forcibly removed to these regions to let them taste the hell they continue to give us! Damn them all.


Here in AZ we are having severe winds and it’s dry…I have had 4 brown outs 2 power failures 1 that lasted over 4 hours and it covered many counties. I am concerned about fires where I am, out in the sticks with limited resources. We’ll just have to wait it out, until the next time, which maybe all too soon.


It does not matter what we think. It matters what the political elites do. Climate denial is a political lie. Hold politicians accountable.


Right. When does it ever matter what we think?

“We are in the beginning of a protracted wind event,” Ken Pimlott, the director of the California department of forestry and fire protection, [told the Los Angeles Times] “There will be no ability to fight fire in these kinds of winds.”

With all the numerous critical issues, natural disasters - California, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands - environmental crises, Yemeni starvation and disease, etc, etc, facing America and the world, the pathological trump regime continues to foment regional and national divisions, screwing the 99% of America, fomenting multiple wars, environmental neglect/destruction, fostering wholesale pollution - oil/gas rapes of Mother Earth - coddle/serve the banker/wall street/uber wealthy minority crowd (of which he criminally is one) playing lap-dog to Israeli extremist racism and contempt for International Law, and generally being the antithesis of moral constructive leadership.

Anyway one slices it, the trump regime is not unlike a wildfire, out of control, with no fire-fighters taking stands against the enormity and grave dangers of the fires the fake president lights with moronic and ignorant glee…


So destructive, yet so beautiful.


Good question. Thought matters when a prelude to action. Silent anxiety is pointless.


Perhaps now that homes of the very rich in Bel Air are going up in flames, there will be an outcry DEMANDING RECOGNITION OF CLIMATE CHANGE AND ACTION TO CURTAIL IT! I would pay to see Mal y Loco be flooded and fall into the ocean/canals adjacent to it as well as Doral and any other number DJT waterfront/adjacent properties around the world.


The winds today are projected to be the worst yet, with gusts up to 80 mph. Like the October cataclysm around Santa Rosa, this one just keeps grinding on, getting worse and worse.

A recent study found a link between dwindling Arctic sea ice and the high-pressure ridge over the Pacific which causes ongoing drought conditions, and wind like this:

Sea-ice loss of the magnitude expected in the next decades could substantially impact California’s precipitation, thus highlighting another mechanism by which human-caused climate change could exacerbate future California droughts.


When will Trump come to S. Cal and throw paper towels to homeless in an evacuation shelter?

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The trump regime ignoring the critical implications/consequences of MMGW, for California wildfires especially, is a threat to all Americans by one means or another. The entire focus of the ignoramus trump is to “fulfill campaign promises”, but since those promises, especially as they relate to the environment, were/are the raving delusions of a shallow idiot we should fight against everything trump does, as all have proven immediate disasters or disasters in the making!


Global Warming has the power to change Wind Systems…
and all natural systems.

“Climate change” is a right wing euphemism to quiet reactions
and emotional reactions. Global Warming is a term that even
3rd graders can understand.

Don’t know if it’s entirely believed that these aren’t fires being
purposefully started …

We should also note that California’s liberalism hasn’t ever been
much appreciated by GOP destroyers.

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Wildfires are part of living in California whether you are rich or poor so I don’t think this will change attitudes and California is a leading state in fighting climate change anyway. Most people in California get it.

Most people get it but most politicians support anything that produces, so-called, weath. Up here in Canada, after a disasterous fire summer, our polical leaders are still comitted to the worlds dirtiest oil while continuing a 286.1% duty on the most economical Chinese solar panels.
Go figure??


I was thinking that the financial heavyweights just might bring pressure to bear on folks in the nation’s capitol. California has been ahead of any number of environmental issues yet residential construction continues unabated destroying any number of habitats along with mega farms (owned/operated by the likes of Dow, Monsanto, and ConAg) soaking up the water, spraying nitrate filled fertilizers and poisoning water tables. Until everyone is on board, the battle will be an uphill slog…and too little will be done too late. I have lived in the Bay Area, LA, and San Diego over the years and have seen many changes for the worse in that beautiful (at least it used to be) state. Watch Yosemite, Sequoia NP, the redwoods, Big Sur, Muir Woods, Death Valley, etc. pop up on Zinke’s list of pristine lands and precious natural resources for “development…”

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I used to live where the Santa Ana winds blow, hot dry gusts that brought the drifting high plains air to the tanned bodies cooled by the surf, and warm nights were made warmer and more welcome. Back then, the Santa Ana was never deadly.

Fast forward a few decades, and scenes from Dante’s inferno is daily displayed on screen. Lost in the breathless reporting and obscured by the smoke, is the destructive power of climate changes we have brought upon ourselves.

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