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‘Hot Potato’ Shows Why Workers Won’t Benefit From Trump’s Corporate Tax Cu


‘Hot Potato’ Shows Why Workers Won’t Benefit From Trump’s Corporate Tax Cu

Steven Pressman

Who will be left holding the potato?

The game of hot potato sheds some light on the debate over Republican tax cutting plans, particularly when it comes to companies. (Photo: Richard North/flickr/cc)


I don’t think Mnunchin’s BS is meant as anything other than window dressing.

But as long as “rags to riches” remains the prevailing American mythology, lots of people will want to lower tax rates for that future as millionaires they’re going to be enjoying soon.


From the article:

" Since the 1970s worker productivity has increased 74 percent, while average wages have risen only 12 percent."

If there were a more succinct and convincing proof of Marx’s surplus value theory of labor, I have yet to see it.

Also from the article:

“When economies are near full employment, as the U.S. is today,…”

I question this by-the-way assertion. Real unemployment is almost certainly twice or more than the official number, and varies widely with age, race, gender and geography.


Beat corporations at their own game. Incorporate the US public, charge for the use of public resources and pass the earnings to equal shareholders, all 330 million of US…

As the largest, richest private corporation, We the people could decide things in online board meetings.

As equal stockholders of non-transferable shares in America, Inc, We the People might decide to fund our own politicians.

Direct Democracy Inc.


The unemployment numbers look rosy partly because so many working age men have voluntarily taken themselves out of a low-wage landscape:


Another way corporations and the politicians they own cook the unemployment numbers is to not count workers age 62 and older who are laid off since they are eligible to collect “retirement” social security (vs. “disability”) benefits. 80% of my sixtysomething friends who the gubmit classifies as “retired” are really unemployed.

Trump tax cuts will result in yellow liquid trickling down upon you, me and the rest of the 99% while we burn our hands holding the hot potato.


Why did “mashers” pop into my head?


“These would likely come from Social Security, Medicare and other social programs that benefit average citizens and the poor. That’s because lawmakers won’t find much savings anywhere else, apart from the military budget, which they almost certainly wouldn’t touch.”

Please explain how cuts to Social Security and Medicare are going to help the tax shortfall. Neither are part of the general budget. Both are funded from Trust Money that we have all contributed to. They are not funded from tax revenues so cutting SS and Medicare will not contribute to the tax shortfall.


I’m still working at 71. Part-time. No benefits. There are a lot of us.

I would like to jam that hot potato up a Republican bunghole!


Same here. Working half time for 9 years. No benefits, no raises.