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Hothouse Us: Catastrophic Fires Spreading Smoke From the West; Five Cyclones To the East

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/15/hothouse-us-catastrophic-fires-spreading-smoke-west-five-cyclones-east

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Milky sky the hue of opals all day with strong odor of burning. Blood red sun in blood red sky this evening. Last time this happened was in 1988, with the Summer of Extreme Heat and Drought that never seemed to end. Yellowstone burned that year. Sailors on board lakes ships slept on deck to get some relief from the heat. Ships had to anchor for days because the hulls sagged at both bow and stern to the point they no longer could navigate dredged channels, even when running light.
This…this is beyond unreal. Meteorologists are saying, on the down low, that their computer models no longer work. They now have to rely on their senses. The movement of air masses is no longer reliable, which is why places like Denver can go from 90 degrees F to below freezing with snow in a day. What will happen when our monoculture hybrid genetically modified crops fail? It’s already whacked that we raise corn to feed our cars and factory farmed monoculture livestock in an area that’s turning into a desert, just like we did to the Sahara and other large deserts.
Have to act very fast. Like…well, yesterday. If you think people went nuts when they thought their guns were going to be taken away, wait until they’re told park your vehicles or face extinction.


Although Newsom’s solution is more electric cars, until way more acres of forests are subjected to prescribed burns, brush disposal and other forest management practices, giving everybody in California an electric car will not reduce the trend to bigger, more frequent wildfires.

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Alright electric cars that are powered by lithium batteries. A coup in Bolivia so that the lithium fields and mines can be seized by the global hegemon and used to generate profits for electric car manufacturers far into the future, but there will be no future global warming will take care of that. All that humans have built, all of the philosophy, the religion, the economics, the armies, the institutes of higher learning, all of the glory will be burned away in the fires. The oceans will boil away and the components of the the water, the hydrogen and the oxygen will separate in the atmosphere into hydrogen and ozone. Life will perish from the earth forever and the garden will become a cold lifeless planet orbiting a third rate star in the outback of the Milky Way Galaxy. All for what? A fistful of dollars? A few dollars more? That’s it? How pathetic. Capitalism is a disease that kills all that it touches. It destroys everything. And then there will be no intellectual light to discern the universe. No song, no poetry, no love, no children, no laughter. It will be dark forever.
Or we can put away this childish thing, this capitalism, and become truly responsible citizens of a once in a galaxy planet, a true garden that is self sustaining and learn to live among ourselves peaceably, and with respect. But that will never be as long as this current system exists.