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Hottest Four Years Ever? 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018?


Hottest Four Years Ever? 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018?

Common Dreams staff

According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2018 is on pace to be the fourth hottest year on record. Only three other years have been hotter: 2015, 2016 and 2017.

"The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle," Michael Mann, a climate scientist and director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, told CNN.

"We are seeing them play out in real time in the form of unprecedented heat waves, floods, droughts and wildfires. And we've seen them all this summer," he said.


This is hitting very much at home for me this week as my son and his family are amongst those that have been evacuated as the Carr fire near Redding, CA (seen in the picture) whips through the dry fuel in 110 degree weather.

Every argument put forward by global warming deniers has been dealt with (see e.g. https://skepticalscience.com). It boggles the mind that those who want to put even more carbon into the air in the name of temporary profit still own the policy despite the fact that they clearly don’t own the truth.

Reactionary conservatives and libertarians often repeat their slogan:
“Socialism works great until you run out of other people’s money.”

For me “Capitalism works great until you run out of other people’s land, air, water, health, and human rights.”


My Sympathies

Used to live in the area…Unbelievable


This is the Fire Next Time–now.

From the pyromaniacal moral monsters in the WH:


when the temp hit 115 near the red river here in ok i thoujght “just how hot is it going to get”. if you don’t have a/c? fans won’t work in that kind of heat. the air just sits there as you wade your way through it, if you dare get out to start with. the fires are awful and here we are with no rain. it thundered like crazy early this morning, but not a drop.


In business, there is an axiom “No margin, no mission.” Meaning, you may desire to have other priorities than profit, but “realistically” you must prioritize profit BEFORE anything else, if you ever want to be able to prioritize anything else. If you want to be a “green ecology” business, that’s nice, but you must be a “green money” business first and foremost.

To which i reply, “No ecology, no economy.”

And now, as the ecology that we are a part of unravels around us, the profiteering boobs have a stranglehold on policy and planning. Capitalism proves wholly unsuited for ecology.

People can come up with whatever axioms they want to “justify” a greed-based, profit-based, extraction-based, colonization-based economy. But despite the continued looting-class stranglehold on media and messaging, such an economy remains PLAINLY, OBVIOUSLY, EXTINCTIONALLY unjustifiable.


Clearly, it is just that the devil hacked god’s thermostat.


The fires have finally gotten so bad that MSM is reporting on it. The western half of US is on fire.
Do a search for “U.S. Wildfire Tracker” and have a look.


I live not too far north of you and it’s the same thing except worse for you with higher temps.
There’s something called the ‘wet bulb effect’ that will be killing people soon.


Yes - I really like the feature on Google maps where you can add a layer to your map for things like wildfires. For people with family members affected by fires you can track stuff right down to the neighborhood level in real time. Then, as you point out, you can zoom out and see the big picture from how much of the West is on fire to the major wildfires in eastern Australia (that occurred during their/dry season some months ago)


The climate denial in the US cannot be blamed on capitalism. No other country with capitalism has a leader that denies climate change or a large portion of the population that denies climate change. There has to something about the culture of the US that makes escaping reality very common. I think libertarian ideology which is popular in the US plays a big role. Also, the religious views of evangelicals in the US is another important factor. The effort to fight climate change has to focus at the state and local levels. There are many states and numerous cities and towns as well as counties where good progress is possible and in many cases already occurring. This is not the way you would draw it up but is the hand we are dealt with. No all of the country will move forward but a good part will. It might not be enough it the best chance we have given that attitudes out there.


You’re forgetting that unlike other countries the U.S. energy cartel OWNS the ass of Congress and the White House. Senator Dick Durbin said so years ago. It is more basic than some particular cultural aspects. The blame does rest on capitalism - relentless, bottom line short-term profit, long-term damage capitalism. PBS has a show coming up on “NOW” called “Big Oil, Big Influence”. Watch it and learn something.


May the best that can happen happen to your son and his family.

If any issue deserved a massive, global, non cooperation this is it. Watch for September 8 as actions are being planned.



Conservatives will never admit to anything that would impact their beloved capitalism. They are willing to destroy the world in order to chase their money illusion.


We need to destroy them before they destroy the earth. Period.


There has to be a way for the international community to sue the US administration to stop them and reserve room for them at The Hague as they are also poised to distract from this emergency by pushing for war on Iran while the world burns. They might look human but certainly they have not earned any humanity.


Of course the USA is not part of the International Criminal Court. They (other countries) can however kick out the US military from their country but first and foremost we the people need to stop the money flow. That is the only thing that will stop them short of rope around their necks which I am not opposed to.


NO! it the Russians! Don’t get distracted into ‘weather’.


Hey Fox, CBS, NBC, BBC, ABC, CNN, and many others: When the generators that power your A/C when the power goes out run out of gas and the Kremlin is not issuing any for a while, you might get up and look outside. But I’m thinking even in a year from now it won’t change: “Climate change?..sorry, there’s breaking news coming in. Kim Kardashian is vacationing in Bermuda. We have the complete story and all the pics”.


Thanks for the giggle!