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Hottest July Ever Recorded in United States: California's Death Valley Busts Own Record

Hottest July Ever Recorded in United States: California's Death Valley Busts Own Record

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amid predictions that the year could go down as one of the warmest on the books, Death Valley, California just beat its own record for the hottest month ever measured in the United States.

"The heatwaves and extreme heat we are experiencing are consistent with what we expect as a result of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. This is not a future scenario. It is happening now." —WMO deputy secretary-general Elena Manaenkova

Hell on Earth isn’t that far fetched of a concept anymore.

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With all this heat can the Republicans still deny climate change? Yes. Why? They looks at polls in Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama, etc and the decision is easy. It isn’t happening. Or as the president would say, fake news.

136* F Death Valley California worldwide record temperature set way back in , I believe, 1934.

Now I am going entirely upon memory here, so I might be off a degree or two BUT FOR GOD’s SAKE, GET A GRIP PEOPLE!! IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE!?! I believe in clmate change but until we beat 136 there is NO PANIC. NO PANIC!!! Articles like this one, devoid of historical context mitigate to sow cynicism in my mind about all the CHICKEN LITTLES RUNNING AROUND!!! DAMMIT GET A GRIP!!

All the angst I’ve seen on climate change had focused on why is happens, and watching disasters for the purpose of saying gee, it is happening.

This is not proactive.

What is needed is management of the situation. Fires, heat, melting of snow reservoirs, evaporation of water reserves, and changes in precipitation patterns are all different kinds of huges disasters.

Granted we don’t all agree on how it’s happening, still we are mostly all on board that it is happening!!! Finally.

Countries are not drawn by weather disaster lines. The world , the WHOLE world, and also region by region, needs to manage:

1)Water supplies
2)Heat relief for people
3)New construction to deal with heat mitigation
4)Massive plans for immigration and migration during hot seasons
5)New flood control engineered systems
6)Planning for new crops for new weather patterns
7)Fire control
8)Skin cancer awareness
9)Heat exhaustion and heat stroke education
10)High scrutiny of factory use of scarce water supplies.I would recommend permits for all factory use of water.

Attention to means of limiting the warming of this planet have been huge. Perhaps when the costs of reparations begin to be felt, some limitation of heating will occur.

No, I did not leave out Wikipedia’s crap on purpose because I was going on info from the National Parks Service. Wikipedia is almost useless for anything other than a starting point for research… Are you totally paranoid? And so I am off a degree or two I ADMITTED THAT IN MY POST. We have not yet broken that 1913 record so, why the hype? Hmmmm?