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Hottest March on Record as Earth Keeps Hurtling Past Temperature Milestones



Anyone thinking about voting for the Green Party candidate or not voting in November if Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic nominee should read this article at least ten times.


The new norm ain't normal, just wait, soon you won't need a stove to cook with and those winter heating bills will disappear completely in some areas. What a wild ride.


It needs be noted that while El Niño was in part a causative event that global warming will continue without it. The albedo effect in the Arctic will not simply be dissipated when this El Niño session is passed (assuming it does btw). The vast expanse of open ice free water in the polar north will cause significant warming and that is irrespective of El Niño events. Scientists can start calculating the estimated amount of warming due to exposed water in the north. They have avoided doing so because the variability of melt was not certain. A certain measure of it is known now.

While the land is warm, for all we know, it actually could remain this warm permanently ( we don't think so but we don't really know ). Will a permanent lack of winter be enough to scare this denialist congress of ours and the same for other countries who seem hell bent on pushing delays to the last minute?

We have reason to be scared. What if it stays this warm year after year?


I just found this link on Truthout for a piece on Motherjones from The Climate Desk...a MUST read...without water we have angry people causing wars...

I live in AZ and what is happening in La Paz county is tragic...what has happened on the Navajo Rez is tragic...greed is killing AZ, which once a paradise, truly a paradise.


Yes, but the warm feeling of personal "lefter-than'thou" smugness is worth the world-ending consequences of allowing a republican to be the next president.


I wish "world-ending" was hyperbole but according to a number of well known climate scientists it is not. The earth will most likely be a very different place, not recognizable to us, and largely inhospitable to human life if the average global temperature increases much beyond 4C (7.2F). Can that fate be avoided if the next president of the United States is not fully engaged in fighting climate change?


Actually, I still have hope that our species isn't so insane that we'd let the greed of a few cause an irreversible change to the climate - but it's not looking good.

Not quite here yet:


If you think voting for Hilary is going to change this, I am afraid you are dreaming. In fact, if Hilary is elected, most Democrats will go silent, as they have with Obama, allowing her to continue the capitalist rape of the planet unimpeded. At least if a Republican is elected, the Dems will fight back when he tries to trash the planet.


You know, that is something I hadn't considered in the past. This requires further thing thinking on my part because of the push-back against Sen. L. Smith and his stand against science and what is happening there and Cruz and well, all across the board. Thank you for your post.


How will thy fight back? They will be a minority. And I remain quite skeptical that Sanders will be able to achieve much either. Job #1 is keeping the lunatics out of the White House.

And if you think that Obama Administration has done nothing for the environment, then you really need to inform the coal and electric generation companies of that fact. Sure, what his administration has achieved is not at all enough, but to say it is nothing is simply not correct.


Exactly. i logged in to write: "What's this 'perilously close' shit?"


Is it possible you have missed all the progress Obama has made in fighting climate change? You must have heard that with Paris climate agreement just about every country had taken a pledge to do what it can to reduce emissions. And reporting on progress will be legally binding. Also, did you miss Obama's success in getting much stricter fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles? And US greenhouse emissions have declined considerably over the past decade. I see no reason why if elected Hillary Clinton will not try to build on these successful efforts. Of course a president can't do it all. The state and local governments must contribute to the fight against climate change and the same goes for all types of organizations and also individuals. We have made a lot of progress since the George W. Bush was president and certainly do not want to go into reverse by electing a Republican as the next president.


See that is you - really strange or a troll. You tell people emissions have declined this last decade but the truth is that USA emissions have increased over the last decade except that they declined somewhat last year ( one year - 2015). You are always deceiving people for no reason unless you are simply a maladjusted troll but the fact that you hang out on a progressive site to practice these constant deceptions is truly pathetic. I actually feel sorry for you if deceiving progressives gives you such a jolt because think of how disturbed that is to waste your life with that as your great mission!!!
Your life is a fraud and fairly ridiculous.


So, why has their not been more reporting on this http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/koch-brothers-clean-energy_us_570d6755e4b03d8b7b9eabc1, and why haven't the environmental groups attempted to mobilize members. I can't get an answer. If someone has a contact please help.


The damage has been done already. The atmospheric and ocean concentration of emissions from the use of fossil fuels have caused a rapid climate disruption and ocean acidification and warming that is irreversible in the time frame of this civilization even if the rate of emissions is reduced as rapidly as economically and physically possible.


Game Over, man.

And the bad news is we have a science-illiterate elite who reserve tickets on imaginary space-ships not realizing that the radiation in space is so high, no human can survive more than a few months up there.

We are trapped. Trapped in our own fouled nest! The Aliens in Washington D.C. have killed us.


Obviously, Obama didn't do enough when it could have made a difference, or we wouldn't be seeing a thermal runaway.

Sanders is talking about mass transit by rail and rebuilding railroads, which are the most efficient form of transport since the friction of steel wheels on a rail is the lowest. The Clintons never did this and Obama never pushed for this. Hillary talks a lot, but her voting record says she will support GM if the check is big enough.

More Rail has to happen. The lion's share of carbon comes from the concept of a private automobile. Light vehicles are our Achille's heel.


How could you fall for this? The Paris agreement IS NOT legally binding. It's a joke. There are no penalties for a country ignoring it.


It's not a joke. Reporting emissions is legally binding. I agree it is far from perfect but the developing countries would never agree to be part of legally binding agreement with penalties such as the Kyoto agreement. We should give this a chance, given since there is no alternative. This is a bottom-up procedure rather than a top-down procedrue which you advocate. Finally for the first time the developed and developing countries are willing to cooperate to fight climate change. That is a very big deal. And they are even agree to aspire to stay below 1.5C. Things are progressing but you do not seem to be able to see that.