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Hourglass Ticking to Save Monuments From Becoming Fossil Fuel 'Sacrifice Zones'

Hourglass Ticking to Save Monuments From Becoming Fossil Fuel 'Sacrifice Zones'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With the public comment period ending Monday, there are just hours left for the public to weigh in on President Donald Trump's order that threatens protections of 27 national monuments designated since 1996.

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Heard on Thom Hartmann that this was the final day for comment, logged on to search for the comment site, found it the top story at my home page Common Dreams. Thanks!

Here was my brief comment:

Dear Secretary Zinke and President Trump,

This review should not go forward. These designations are of great benefit to the United States, and to communities who live near certain of these National Monuments.

The only reason for this review is to support profit-seeking operations of key sectors in the energy and extractive economy. You must uphold the interests of all US citizens, and not favor narrow interests, no matter how wealthy and powerful those interests are.

Thanks for your attention.


This administration will allow no values to be placed befor corporate profits.
Not humane, social or environmental. Profits before all else.


The thing is, no monument is created without a longstanding public information process. Compromise is always part of the process too, even for the creation of designated wilderness areas. Here in California, some of our wilderness areas, for example, feature cattle grazing in them, a compromise made with legacy ranching families when they were created. The idea that the Feds just “take” land is completely misinformed, for the most part, in the modern era. Not to mention, the declared monument areas are all federally owned to begin with.


Think to myself: This is just absolutely beyond belief.
Then remember the people that are behind it.
Words fail.

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If Obama was for protecting the monuments from fossil fuel exploitation then Trump is against it. The Republicans were against cap and trade even though it originated as a Republican plan to deal with acid rain but Obama was for cap and trade when it came to carbon emissions. The Republicans are against the Affordable Care Act even though it was devised in Massachusetts by Republicans, but Obama was for the ACA and even likes the name that the Republicans gave it, Obamacare. Trump was pretty much elected to undo everything Obama did. He even pulled out of the Paris climate agreement although even countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia continue to support it.

Are you aware of all the illegal mining going on in these federal wilderness areas? Armed and dangerous prospectors are damaging pristine clear streams and small rivers, destroying spawning areas of fish which are listed as endangered.
This is the problem with having over-policing of cities and under-policing of what is called flyover country. We underfund federal land policing on purpose, of course.
You’d have to be willfully ignorant not to understand the endgame here. And, we know who’s behind the undermining ( pardon the pun ) of land regulation and environmental safeguards and protections.
Anyway, the wild, wild west is coming back under Republican control of Congress. This will not end well for some foks. And, I’m not hearing any fat ladies singing, either. To be continued…


It’s not as important as saving our planet and souls from corporate avarice and its right-wing champions… but hourglasses don’t tick.

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Here in Northern California, it’s the illegal pot grows that are doing the most damage to our forests and wilderness areas. I’m hoping that, with legalization, that’ll bring the illegal grows under control as the legal market develops.


And those monuments belong to the people not the president and certainly not the corporations, this administration and its god of profit needs to be called on its disingenuousness.


In the Pacific Northwest, the bi-state I-5 Columbia River Bridge replacement project went haywire in 2009. It was ‘shelved’ in 2013, not because the old bridges don’t need replacement, but because the lead agency on the project, WsDOT and the Port Authorities ‘wanted’ to waste those years of planning and $200 million. Oregon DOT saw the handwriting on the wall in 2010 and walked away to spend State funds on worthy highway maintenance and upgrades elsewhere. To strengthen that argument, Wsdot determined design decisions about the two interchanges in Oregon - both serving Marine Terminal access - that ODOT opposed. WsDOT directors’ intent was to deny Obama any record of accomplishment.

It’s part of the same fight. Every fight to protect the ecology, is helpful.

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I supported legalization for reasons like your examples. And have advocated for the growing of industrial hemp. Which is being slowwalked for political reasons involving entrenched industries in the U.S. It’s the money, as usual.
The average American has no idea the depth of our politicized economy. Washington, D.C. is where great ideas go to die; a real elephant’s graveyard of good policy. But, the place is awesome if your goal is to pass bad laws, protection very wealthy individuals and Corps. That is our diagnosed condition; " the public body politics of leukemia " has entered us now at the cellular level, imo.
Public financing of all federal elections with very strict individual limits on contributions and controls on lobbying, etc. is the cure.
We are going in the opposite direction currently. That is intentional, of course.


We the People have corporate savages in our House. They only get away with their larceny, because our Fourth Estate has been sabotaged by these same corporate criminals. Seems these so-called “personhoods” have mapped-out our enslavement to “consumerism”, long ago. "Shopping"at the “company store”, with company scripted currency must be next. We need to shake these creeps off. Go Bernie! Go Jill. 2020.

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At this most critical time for all life on Earth we are saddled with an ignorant, narrow minded, ill-experienced fool with such huge power to destroy - one among others. The severe disruption of MMGW only one aspect of the murder of Mother Earth and all Her creatures. A beautiful blue world bathed in poisons and garbage, wars, disease and poverty; lacking health-care, education and hope, while the few live lives of obscene ease, and “diplomats” talk and talk and talk.

We are well into the Sixth Mass Extinction, that includes humans as criminal perpetrator and complicit victim. Ignorant pursuit of wealth and ego and exploitation for money, is a cancer on Mother Earth all will be lucky to survive. Our mass political models controlling/directing life on earth, most especially capitalism and so-called democracy as it’s become (a con for few of vast wealth to dominate the many), are criminal failures - and the ill-educated brutal pathological scum of the Earth are allowed to determine the future of all.

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