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Hours After Entering 2020 Race, Biden to Attend Big-Money Fundraiser Hosted by Comcast, Blue Cross Execs


Hours After Entering 2020 Race, Biden to Attend Big-Money Fundraiser Hosted by Comcast, Blue Cross Execs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Hours after officially entering the 2020 Democratic presidential field Thursday morning, former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to head to the Philadelphia home of Comcast executive David Cohen for a big-dollar fundraiser that will reportedly be attended by top Democratic lawmakers, the CEO of insurance giant Independence Blue Cross, and other high-powered party players.

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And now Trump wins his second term. Joe Biden is Hillary 2.0.


He ain’t the nominee yet!


But…But…it’s Biden’s turn now! He deserves it! blah…blah…


The DNC is in vomit-it-up mode. The sheer insensate combination of 1 - Hillary Clinton thumping her criminal breast with patriotic (last resort of a despot) smarm crap as though she her voice is respected; 2 - The former vicious presence also thick, thick smarm of JOE BIDEN (caps to assure that he is an owned property).

and the MSM on deep spin mode of Rachael Maddow MUST be watched - so advanced having a gay woman as anchor … using reality ground up in corporate dough (all meanings) to pound in into loaf mode. Problem is, its the other mode of ‘loaf’ (such as ‘pinch a loaf’ / defecation when you need to move fast and get off the throne).

The abuse of the people in the US is truly stunning.


The best gift he can give tor progressives running is to get in front of camera and open his mouth


Given that he already has the thumbs up from BIG MONEY, does anyone really think he is not going to out raise all the other candidates’ first 24 hour haul, by a LOT?


No to Joe. The MSM will play him up as lovable and genuine, but in reality he is a corporate lackey. Some labor unions may endorse him, but he is no friend to labor. He will tout his sponsored Violence against Women Act, but look how he treated Anita Hill. He also sponsored the horrible bankruptcy bill. Times require that we move well beyond the kind of America he wants to return to.


"He’s Their Guy!"

Another Useful Idiot For The Corporations.


More of the same is not an option it is a surrender.


And, what’s sad is how many here will surrender their children’s futures, and vote for this politician.


Judging from his opening, Biden is running as the anti-Trump candidate. Look how well that worked our for Hillary.

We need a candidate who has a progressive plan for the future. It’s about dealing with the many issues we face in support of people, and in that process we defeat Trump.


Biden has been on the wrong side of every issue for the past 40 years. But apparently, the ladies love him. ;0

The more he campaigns the more he will lose support. Indie media will go to town on his track record and this is where people are getting their news. Nobody cares what the NYT or WaPo thinks anymore.

Further to the point, if he somehow manages to snatch the democratic nomination from Sanders, I will not vote for him. I have said it before and I will say it again, I will not vote for a war mongering, corporate tool. I’m done with that and I’m serious. Pay attention democrats.


"Creepy Joe, The Gentle Molester, Enters The Circus Campaign Tent."

And the crowd goes, “What The F#€k.”


An event hosted by: Anti Unionist, Anti Health Care, Anti Open Internet, Anti Environmentalist, Pro Frackers and Financial Hustlers. It figures, they all owe Joe for his pass services rendered.

I’m taking it, Ole Joe will not be sending me emails and texts looking for my $27.00 donation …


Biden- can’t stomach him. Call the dem headquarters and let them know that he is unacceptable!


The headlined article about bombed out Raqqa, above this article about Biden speaks volumes about why we need to reject status quo candidates.


Who knows? He is old and frail- not like Bernie- maybe he’ll get sidelined.

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The corporations told him “get in there and stop this we the people stuff”.


The ladies love him??? Not this one! Can’t stand him!!!