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Hours After Mississippi Enacts Strictest Abortion Law in US, State's Sole Clinic Sues


Hours After Mississippi Enacts Strictest Abortion Law in US, State's Sole Clinic Sues

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Within hours of Mississippi's Republican governor signing the nation's most restrictive abortion law on Monday, the state's sole clinic filed a lawsuit, and a federal judge scheduled a Tuesday morning hearing to discuss blocking the 15-week ban.

"A woman's right to her own reproductive healthcare should be her decision, not the state government's."
—ACLU of Mississippi


I’m picturing a certain southern politician (male, of course–as if that needed to be said) with his drawers down and facing a shaky “doctor”'s hands grasping a coat hanger. You may complete the story as you wish.


“If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”
–Flo Kennedy


A bill was introduced in the Ohio General Assembly last week to ban all abortions under all circumstances, with no exceptions. Clearly an unconstitutional violation of Roe, and meant as a provocation to bring a case to the Supreme Court that might overturn Roe. Will probably pass the Ohio House, Senate not as clear. Stay tuned…


“All women deserve access to safe and legal abortion care.”

I would add “All women deserve the final say over their own body.”


If they can afford it, every woman with an ounce of brains has already left Mississippi.


Enough already. Where are the doctors, nurses, AMA?


Where would they go? Thanks to ALEC, and repug. gerrymandering in state races, these laws and restrictions are popping up everywhere.


The answer is hell no. They’re not prolife, just pro-birth. When I’m confronted by these jackals, the first question I ask is "how many kids have you adopted?’. Been doing this for years and so far not one positive response.


The largest portion of abortions are based on birth defects. While we still have institutions filled with people deemed incapable of living in society. Examine adoption and see if indeed it is an option. This is not just about unwanted or elective pregnancies. Maternal mortality doesn’t seem to be a concern either. Pro-life indeed.


The entire North East and all the Pacific West has modern women’s rights held high as politically standard.

Smart Mississippi women can live in welcome just about anywhere west of Denver or New York/New England.

Other states have room for smart women fleeing Mississippi’s madness but I wouldn’t recommend Oklahoma or Arizona.


Hatred as taught by “Christianity” is my guess …

Always love seeing the KKK march with their Christian crosses …
which look no different right now from the HUGE Christian Crosses outside the Catholic
Church in my town.

Another church in town likes to take to marching in the streets with their HUGE KKK

We should all remember the violence of Christianity – “Introducing the Cross with the Sword”
everywhere. Labeling people “pagans” – stealing land from Native Peoples – supporting
the “enslavement or killing” of native people and Africans enslaved here.

Catholic Church here ironically has a banner outside the church … “Choose Life” which
features a Mother and Child. The Catholic run hospitals which are back again all too frequently
“saved” the life of a newborn only to let the Mother die.

A husband was regularly handed a newborn with the news that his wife and mother of other
children was dead. People stopped using Catholic Hospitals.

Today in US – 1 out of every 6 hospitals is a Catholic Hospital – and presume they are in some
way being funded by the US taxpayer.

As are their Churches and “religiously based” organizations –
all in violation of Separation of Church & State.


“We” don’t know things which aren’t true, Ms Long. Abortions do go down when they are restricted compared to when they are not. After all, they’re no longer as available so fewer are obtained.


And pity those poor souls who can’t afford it…


As usual, you offer no sources for these assertions. History argues against you, as women seek these services even when they are illegal. Unfortunately, far too many end up in an environment that is not safe or in the hands of those who are not qualified to perform the procedure.

You live in a fantasy land. The rest of us live in reality.


Sacraments are celebrations of life and bring us closer to God. Abortion is evil and ends a human life, so, no.


What about the body growing in side them that is not theirs? it is their child’s.


Yes, several charities provide support to expecting and new mothers to help them be successful parents and raise healthy children. Many will also assist with lining up adoption services for those mother’s who need that option.


The Catholic church built hospitals in under-served areas as part of their duty to care for God’s children. That is why in many areas the only hospital is a Catholic hospital. If you don’t like the Catholic hospitals, organize some other group and raise money and build alternate hospitals. Or you can just complain about somebody else’s charity not being done the way you want it done.


Abortion is a moral choice and birth control is honorable.