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Hours After Texas High School Shooting, Students Detained for Peacefully Protesting Outside Paul Ryan's Office


Hours After Texas High School Shooting, Students Detained for Peacefully Protesting Outside Paul Ryan's Office

Julia Conley, staff writer

Four Maryland high school students were arrested by Capitol Police on Friday afternoon for peacefully protesting outside House Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) office in Washington, D.C., demanding that the lawmaker work to pass stricter gun control legislation that has the support of most Americans.


Vote republicans out of office federally and state wide, city wide. Don’t vote for blue dog dems or greedy money grabber democrats which are many. Get them out so something can be done by electing progressives and not status quo.


Why are children dying for the sins of others.

Those guilty of voting to prolong this carnage should be the first to go.


Something I wanted to say: Some people say we should still have a draft, we should still be sending everyone of draft age to these wars we are waging (over in the middle east and else where that we aren’t hearing about) the way we used to do. Because that way everyone will be effected (rather than the way it is now, where only people who choose to go and their relatives/friends are effected). And that way there will be a greater resistance to all this military action this country gets into. But now it seems that the war out there has come home somehow. All these kids HAVE in effect been drafted into this war, but it is a war in our own country. Its just interesting that they are getting a taste of battle even without being drafted. If only there was someway that we could say with absolute definitiveness that our militancy is the cause of these shootings. That if we would/could stop all these foreign wars and engagements, that would end the violence here. Then these kids would know that is what we have to end in order to make them safe…


People have been asking that for well over a hundred freaking years my friend and it has not happened. FDR and the New Deal came out of the fear of a workers revolution. We have nothing like that now. Nothing. What will it take for you and so many more like you to realize that you cannot win in a totally rigged system. You try over and over…and the decades fly by…and things get worse and we accomplish nothing…and all I hear is the same refrain about next election. The world will end with us still waiting…


Walking around in public with a loaded AR15–legal.

Getting a group together to demand that politicians do something about that absurdity–illegal.


BINGO! As long as people believe the myth that they can really change things by voting for the fake opposition, war party nothing will ever change.


Well, we mustn’t have ordinary Citizens impeding access to the Speaker’s Office. A lobbyist or two, or more, might trip over them and injure his/her check-writing hand. We can’t have that,
Heaven forbid.


In a country that celebrates war and militarism, why is it a surprise that shootings occur on a regular basis.? From Korea, a country bombed mercilessly, to Vietnam , another country we unloaded ordnance on, to Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. always finds an excuse to kill. A peace loving country we are not. Listen to the lunatic ravings of our UN “diplomat” and the Bolton loon. War is always our first option. As long as our mercenaries are called heroes, this madness will continue.


So the student protesters are arrested…or euphemistically, “detained”…and Ryan, that POS, is not? So much for the right to free speech and to petition for redress…par for the course.


Surely you are not advocating accepting the rigged fascist status quo Dan?

“What will it take for you and so many more like you to realize that you cannot win in a totally rigged system” you ask. - we all (mostly) know the system is rigged, both the duopoly and vulture capitalist system of profits above all else. the question is what, if anything, to do about it? Roll-over and play dead? Drop out? Play along? Escape to Costa Rica or Australia? or at least try to effect, influence, demand, fight-for some bit of change? When there are great numbers of people willing to put themselves on the line even if the chances are low we may prevail, the people must stand together in solidarity…at least that, if not some minor “wins”…


One of the NRA memes is guns needed to defend against “the jackboots” In Government and defends ones constitutional rights. I guess using their reasoning had this kids been armed and started shooting it would all be as “The founding fathers” intended.


They need guns to prevent liberals in the government from taking away their guns. Kind of a dizzying argument.


What is missing here is that the number of school shootings and intended violence doesn’t include all of the incidents. They don’t all make national headlines. My condolences for all those that have lost loved ones.


I can see it coming, the NRA’s next gimmick slogan: The only way to stop a bad kid with a gun is a good kid with a gun. Why stop at arming teachers? Let’s send our kids to school packing a gun. It’s so loony Trump will love it.

In truth, the only way to stop NRA stooges like Ryan is to dangle enough money in front of their faces. No hell is hot enough for these soulless bastards.


Patron of Satan?


That too…


Ironic to say the least! The people that are stooges for the NRA like Paul Ryan, can have these peaceful protestors arrested. Even though these students have the support of most Americans!


…Most violence in this country has to do with pure-D racism and fear of loss of “white privilege” and the ‘privileged attitude’ that this country is ‘Number 1’. In my estimation it’s all a bunch of piss…There is NO other country that has this problem…


…and that is pure-D bullshit… tweekers…