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Hours Before Courtroom Showdown, Tribal Activists Shut Down Pipeline Construction


Hours Before Courtroom Showdown, Tribal Activists Shut Down Pipeline Construction

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Hours before a federal judge is expected to rule on an emergency request for a restraining order, filed in response to the holiday weekend desecration of sacred sites, Indigenous activists in North Dakota once again halted construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) on Tuesday.


Thank you to the Protectors and thank you to Jill Stein for your support. What the pipeline company did on Saturday was nothing short of a criminally deliberate attempt to provoke these peaceful protectors to violence.

Stand strong! My prayers are with you!


Outstanding reporting by Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! Many, many thanks!


Those dogs have abusive owners who should be prosecuted.

Dogs just want to please their masters....


Stein/Baraka 2016!!!



And notice how Bush-dark, the orange-skinned wonder, and the hateful harridan couldn't be bothered ...


Reading the Supplemental Declaration of Tim Metz, I will be keeping a copy as witness to what has been done by Enbridge. Yes, this is genocide. It starts with the arrogance that the 'market' must be god at all costs bar none, and under that delusion rationalization that the material and spiritual heritage of any not 'itself' are 'the ones that must be sacrificed' to feed it. Keeping in mind No One is, by definition, the self of Enbridge, we are all subject to the bulldozing and toxic gamble gaze of the narcissism passed off as 'a way of life'. Ask anyone who has been subjected to fracking. Ask the individuals. Ask the towns. Look at TTIP and the Investor State Dispute Resolution. The arrogance is stunning. By corporations being called people and damnable SCOTUS decision in Citizens United, be very aware that the entire premise is founded on "externalized costs". At the whim of any industry - that means YOU and ME and if we are not untied, the sucking void of that genocidal methodology will leave us heirs to nothing but a toxic wasteland.- as is their verifiable legacy with increasing frequency.


How is it these vulture capitalist are allowed to step one foot on any of these reservations? It breaks my heart to watch watch this video. These corporations are totally evil along with our government. My Indian brothers and sisters we support you 100 percent.


Yes please don't dump this sh#t on the dogs.


Call and write your Congress person today, tomorrow, and the next days to come. Do not let up, folks. Make them feel the pain of being bombarded by your VOICES.


As I understand it, this is not reservation land. The pipeline is to go under a river that feeds the reservation, and there are diffuse lands of cultural importance that White folks didn't think we would need.


Join 135,101 others who have signed this petition to the White House. The threshold for a guaranteed response was crossed at 100,000, but the more voices join by the 14th, the more clearly the administration will know we demand a strong response.



Found this on another site. People are paying attention to the mistreatment of dogs by corporations.

+15 # Majikman 2016-09-06 09:09
Amy Goodman did an excellent review on Monday of the attack on peaceful protestors. FYI those dogs were supplied by Bob Frost kennels in Ohio, apparently unlicensed, and were handled by untrained, ignorant "dog" people. I sent this memo to Frost kennels:

"Amy Goodman of “Democracy Now” did a lengthy piece on you and your dogs being used to bite and intimidate peaceful protesters and their horses at the Standing Rock site. As a handler/trainer of GSD’s I was horrified to see wonderful dogs being used so irresponsibly by ignorant handlers. What the hell is wrong with you? The video also showed a dog being carried off in the arms of its handler....prob ably kicked by the horse it was attacking.

You’re probably ex-military who cares more for the buck than the welfare of his dogs.



Just wanted the above comment to be very clear - that another Repugnant judge on that bench will seal the fate of your country! Not pretty! Also, just in case everyone wasn't aware - Obama fought tooth and nail against Citizens United; unfortunately the Repugnants would not give an inch, even back then, even tho it is in large part, contributing to the destruction of your country! How does anyone make sense of that??


Obama did appoint the judge who stopped the construction. I hope that same judge rules in the tribe's favor on Friday.


This will help.....


Hillary's response.................crickets.
As corrupt and amoral as this woman is, she will be the next president.


Thank you for the Billy Jack reminder Mark.I remember seeing it when it came out tonite. I found the whole film on You Tube and will be watching it tonite. And yes, I cried, too, when I saw that video of "security guards" attacking the protesters with dogs, pushing them to ground etc. Absolutely disgusting. But the Native Americans showed enormous restraint, as the bulldozers destroyed their sacred lands. They are showing the world what they are really made of: non-violence, peace, respect for the Earth, courage, truth and INTEGRITY. My husband and I would go to join them but are old and not in good health ATM. So we are sending our prayers, healing and strength constantly and keeping up on news of them. I do believe that prayers and sending good wishes to them does help. It's inspiring to see all the N.A. nations come together and to see that the world is watching. THey have received letters of support from all over the world, even from Wales.
I sure hope they win and that they are safe, that nothing harmful happens to any of them. They are heroes.


Not clear to me that it's even wanted.


Directing positive energy is a huge help. Keep on keeping on.