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House Approves $700B 'Cash Cow for Weapons Companies'—But Single Payer 'Too Expensive'


House Approves $700B 'Cash Cow for Weapons Companies'—But Single Payer 'Too Expensive'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"What if we tell House Republicans and Democrats that North Korea wanted to close schools, take our healthcare away and pump CO2 into our air—we could suddenly, magically find $700 billion dollars for all of it."

What Else Could a Tax Cut for the Richest 1% Buy?

…killing things like people, the planet and such is the only thing that matters…keeping track of the money we send to the MIC doesn’t matter either, only killing things…what don’t you understand?

blood, gore, guts, veins in my teeth, kill, Kill, KILL…Arlo


WArfare yes, healthcare no. Insanity


The Empire crumbles (with any luck).


In other words, 90% of Senate Democrats and 65% of House Democrats voted for this wealth-transfer obscenity that is fundamentally opposed to ‘progressive values’ - however you care to define that term.

“What if we tell @HouseGOP & @HouseDemocrats that North Korea wanted to close schools, take our healthcare away and pump CO2 into our air - we could suddenly, magically find $700 billion dollars for all of it.”

This is catchy and humorous, but not true at all. This bill isn’t about defense, it’s about corruption disguised as defense. When it comes time to give money to rich people, Democrats and Republicans will find a way.

Actually, William Hartung’s piece that was posted here just yesterday shows just how little this war-spending orgy has to do with defense, and how grotesque and bipartisan the corruption is.


Pentagonians are leaching invaders attempting to destroy Earth.


Government funding for the military protects property and wealth. Government funding for health care only protects people who can’t afford health care.


with 127 Democrats throwing their support behind the bill.

And yet, people still support them! Like sheep…


Dont the Republicans need to cut down on spending so they can pass their tax bill in its current form. As I understand the current situation the tax bill would blow too big of a deficit so it couldn’t be passed on a party line vote. This defense budget makes it allot harder for Republicans to pass their bill in anything resembling its current form, unless they massively reduce spending elsewhere, which would be politically damaging. The size of the defense budget is obviously ridiculous, we don’t need 90 F35s, and almost certainly won’t need a lot the the stuff this bill is meant for. I’m not advocating for no military spending because that would pretty much impossible, but really this is ridiculous.


We shall be destroyed by our Defense.


How many zeros are there in $80 billion? If you divided 324 million (our US population, almost) into 80 billion what would that dollar amount be? Forgive my recusal because I am economically ignorant and cannot come up with a sin-tell-a (sp) scintilla of an idea why we want $80 billion more dollars for National Defense Authorization Act of 2018. What American household is that a representative of?
I do have a scintilla (just like that new word), a spark of an idea why Nike, Apple, Facebook and Twitter might think on paper that keeping their money in an offshore tax haven would keep our government from investing their dollars to boost war outlays and that idea might seem like paradise. I just don’t understand what more than a dozen of President Trumps’ Cabinet, advisers, and major donors that keep their money off shore, and the House of Representatives, don’t understand about the third industrial revolution. Certain parts of my brain also solidified in the 1950’s, so maybe I have a scintilla of an understanding. Maybe not. Will someone educate me?


70 Dem nays, the rest of you assholes, FUCK OFF!! Thanks to my congress person Huffman.


All I heard was your swear words. You can be more specific in your articulations.


70% - 168 out of 240 - of our duly elected Democratic representatives, voted for this.


My “liberal” rep, Debbie Dingell, voted yea.

And her seat is as blue as they come–someone named Dingell has represented it continuously since 1933.


The USA is a corporate military dictatorship. The only thing that matters is making war around the world on behalf of the war profiteers. The only thing left is massive general strikes and boycotts. The political process is dead and gone.


Separate the wheat from the chaff here:


The only thing being defended here is money while our own citizens are dying (either in war or from lack of healthcare. This confirms for the thousandth time that Republicans and Democrats are one and the same. Progressives are forbidden in both parties. All Progressive parties must blend into one powerful party representing all USA citizens or else face the life disasters that await us.


Yes. The democratic process has been violated with the implementation of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents were pushed through congress with the help of Democrats. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. We’ve been phugged and it’s time to phugg back…


My rep (Ted Lieu) voted for which surprised me (he supports Ro Khanna’s bill to get out of the Saudi Yemen conflict and is progressive in other ways). Just sent him my disapproval.

As far as the article goes, I’ve posted this many times before, but I wish authors of pieces on defense spending and health care would be careful talking about a peace dividend. Any reasonable peace dividend (say 1/2 of the current spending or 350 billion dollars) will pay for a lot of things such as free college (50 - 100 billion) and improving health care for some, but it is not at the scale of fully funding single payer health care which obviously requires new taxes. New taxes are fine as long as overall costs for people of middle income and below go down and costs for higher incomes grow only modestly until you get to very high income (where costs are obviously going to go up significantly since they’ve been sucking all the money lately).