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House Democratic Leadership May Lose 2018 Opportunity


House Democratic Leadership May Lose 2018 Opportunity

Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor,

Nancy Pelosi called a press conference last week during the House Democratic Caucus retreat in Baltimore. She announced the House Democratic message: “We believe that Americans should have an economy that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.”

If this sounds familiar, you’re right.


You are right, but the entrenched Democrats will never relinquish their hold on the Party. Yes, the people could win in 2018, but not if any cooperation from the oligarchs is courted. They will not let go of their privilege. Nothing short of a revolution (if it's even possible with the way the rules are written) in the Party will bring it back to working people. We are fed up, and, still to this moment, have no place to turn.


Now there's a freakin laugh "The recent House Democratic retreat revealed other warnings that Democratic leadership may not be fully seizing this moment" "not fully"?? Not bloody at all!

With the same old failed corrupt DP leadership in power - Pelosi and Schumer - along with all the other Dem sellout DINO swine there never will be the much-needed radical reform, "leadership" purge critical to a political resurrection of a true opposition party dedicated to the 99%, justice, reining-in banker/wall street/corporate pigs-at-the-trough, or taking power from the evil likes of the odious trump & co!

Both Pelosi and Schumer cravenly curry favor with der trumpenfuhrer in hopes of - what? - making a deal? Changing his pathology to a "kinder and gentler rape" "He that sups with the Devil should have a long spoon"!

The Dem party establishment is one of corruption, collusion, collaboration and capitulation - "weak" doesn't begin to describe their craven submission and service to much of the same forces as the GOPigs! The leadership are blind to their abject failures, disconnect with the people, collusion with big-money, and any notion of how to rebuild........pathetic!


The best thing that could happen to Democrats is that they lose their leaders.

Online Direct Democracy.


Especially if they are not challenged.

Overt, declared withdrawal via a democratically arrived at, progressive platform - attached to Our Revolution, signed onto by progressives - demanding power-sharing and progressive representation in return for support - might force the DP left, I have previously proposed.

Perhaps 40% of the DP-leaning electorate supported Sanders during the nomination contest; in a parliamentary democracy, there would be no question of negotiation and power-sharing - both in binding platform and appointed high officials.


Pelosi definitely does not get it.


Maybe the Dem Party wants to be the Third Way in a two-party system. So let's replace it with a Progressive political party that is built up from local to state to national runs for government.


Most politics are local.


Yes, and put we the people back in charge at the fed, state and local levels.


What are the Democrats doing? Waiting for all this "to take care of itself?"--There's Jerry Nadler, at least he's trying things! And there's Sally Yates--Meanwhile Feinstein is giving a pass to Gorsuch, Warren is voting for Carson--We really need some new young energy working for us in DC


the post mentions Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), chair of the pro-corporate New Democrat Coalition. I live in his district in CT and I can say here on CD that he is basically a republican that supports "identity politics". I'm not dissing identity politics, but I believe that is a smokescreen to hide the real economic inequality that is at the heart of the break down of American democracy.

I emailed him about a month ago and said i would never vote for him due to his favorable stance on "free trade". Jim Himes is a multimillionaire democrat who lives in Greenwich CT, one of the richest towns in one of the wealthiest suburbs in all of the USA. A typical Hillary bot.

I told him in my email that all he has to do is drive 30 minutes up I 95 north to Bridgeport CT, where much of my family still lives and was born in, to see the devastation of free trade. Bridgeport CT was once home to approx. 500 factories offering living wages with union representation up until the 1980's. It is now like one of the towns in the Rust Belt that Fuck Face Von Clownstick won this past election. The factories are all gone and boarded up with plywood.

All these corporate democrats must be challenged and defeated by true progressives if the DEMOCRATIC party wants to be relevant at all. The fact that they will not concede their failed ideology means they are doomed.



For all those people protesting with "Not My President" sign, please put "Not My Leaders" on the reverse side with pictures of Schumer and Pelosi. Also, the true leader of the New Democrats will emerge from the grassroots and not be chosen by the hierarchy of the party unless the DNC gets in the way. Time for the old farts to step aside and follow in a support role for a while. They have failed us way too many times. Let's see what happens at the DNC Chair elections on February 25th.


This article reinforces the reason why I will never again vote for a Democrat. The money they receive from Corporate donors is more important to them than the equal representation of 'all' of their constituents.

That, in my humble opinion, is corruption.


The fact that they included the Third Way in their little conference shows just how out of touch the dem leaders are. The Third Way should have nothing to say about anything at this point in time; and the blather the corporate dems continue spewing is outrageously condescending. We must keep the heat on them as much as we do the republicans.


It would be good to find a way to push Democrats beyond their hollow "economy that works for everyone" spiel, which they've recited for years. Ask them what we should do about all those who can't work, and those for whom there are no jobs today.


"...have no place to turn."

It amazes me that so many think that a Democrat or Republican, the two parties that have driven this car into the ditch of Corrupt Corporate Rule over the past 30 years, deserves your vote, and that there was no other choice that was consistently saying, People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.

I'm at a loss how to explain this level of ignorance.


"Inspired by Democrats"??? what a crock of bullshit.

There is nothing inspiring about a crony cabal of DINO frauds who don't care one whit about Democratic policies or traditional Democratic constituencies, or even whether their candidates lose by the hundreds, but treat this pseudo "party" like their private gravy train. I will accept ANY other candidates until we have a real party of the left.

These establishment Democrats have NOTHING TO OFFER, and that is why they're pumping "anti-Trump" spectacles 24/7.

The Democratic party is now under 30%. It's time to take the 45% of independents and pissed off Sanders supporters and start a new party.

So join us. Check out "Real Progressives" and "The Sane Progressive".


Let's see... If we just keep on doing what we've been doing we will get a different outcome! The very definition of a mental disorder!


So a story about some third way guy talking at a retreat means Dems have not learned anything, huh? Gawd. Meanwhile, in real life, the two frontrunners for the DNC Chair spot includes a member of the progressive caucus in the House and the best labor secretary we've had in over a generation. Either would be astoundingly better than DWS, but we're going to bitch about a meaningless talk? Call me when when we start arguing over the color of the DNC candidates' shoe laces.


It became obvious, during the Election Season, that the People will massively support a Populist.

Until the Dems are ready to Walk the Bernie Talk, the People will NOT respond.