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House Democrats Back Doctors and Nurses' Nationwide #StayHome Demand as Trump Continues Push for Lifted Restrictions

We should promote a 600 club. (any number will do). Every day 600 people finally denounce trump, turn him off, tune him out, and just use the three and a half years worth of lies to chew on. I think I would have been in one of first groups to join.

(HI! Hope all’s well with all the Pharkels!)

I heard a vague rumor at some point, and the way I’m seeing national coverage unfold lends the rumor some credence, perhaps. Andrew Cuomo is the one shown donning the crisis-jacket calling out federal bullshit looking like the people’s champion and the kindest, boldest, sweetest, handsomest man in USAmerica… okay, okay, maybe I take it just slightly beyond the pale there, the point being: Are they positioning this guy to parachute in as the nominee in Milwaukee?

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… and he didn’t have to campaign, Raise money, Debate, get nationally vetted, Let anyone know what his platform would be… on and on.

Another Wall Street smoke filled room stooge chosen for us. NO thanks