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House Democrats Call on Inspector General to Investigate "Improper Political Interference" of Barr's DOJ

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/08/house-democrats-call-inspector-general-investigate-improper-political-interference

If there be an Inspector General that Don hasn’t fired, that person will investigate Billy.

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Don’t fret folks, the democrats are on the case! They are about to shout “stop!” Or they will yell “stop” again.
See problem solved


…followed by appropriate damning word salad by Oljoe, hunkered down in his dimcave waiting for the dnc to let him out.


In news from the actual opposition, Jesse Ventura announced this morning he decided NOT to run for the Green Party’s presidential nomination. He sounds like he won’t be running for another party or as an independent either.

“Thank you to all my supporters. Yes, I have decided not to run at this time. I will still be voting Green all the way and I encourage anyone whose fed up with the two parties to do the same.”


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Once you accept that the corporate facsists is winning, nothing out of the Trump Administration or Congress is any longer shocking. The only question is whether the dying empire goes out in a blaze of nuclear glory, falls into civil war, or follows past empires and slowly crumples into the pages of someone else’s history books. The facsists have won, so does anyone really think, deep down in their gut, that voting matters? Our savior is Joe Biden? Bwa ha ha ha.


Makes me wonder if ANY of those republican candidates had any intention of doing anything different than trump has. I don’t hear any complaining from the leadership on the right, whatsoever.


The FBI has had a consistent history of doing anything possible to subvert movements, groups and leaders who they felt were a threat to the American economic and political systems. The tactics employed by J. Edgar Hoover and his successors to date have included threats, intimidation, perjury, entrapment, fabricating evidence, planting false stories and murder. Look at Cointelpro, MLK, Fred Hampton, Judi Bari, Leonard Peltier the communist witch-hunts, etc., etc., etc. Now the FBI and Comey got caught “red” handed committing perjury and targeting Flynn in an attempt to punish him in an escapade that resembles a coup. There was a likelihood that the judge would have (and should have) thrown the case out if Barr hadn’t acted first. Now the sanctimonious democrats want Barr investigated instead of investigating the FBI. So now we will have esteemed congress people such as Nadler and probably Adam Schiff and Feinstein doing their best imitations of Martin Dies, J. Parnell Thomas and Joe McCarthy. Look at what Obama and Eric Holder did to Senator Ted Stevens after Stevens’ conviction was overturned by a judge (pursuant to a motion by Holder) because of prosecutorial misconduct . They chose not to prosecute him again. Was that because he was a senator and a member of the club or was it because there is an underlying principle that a person should not get convicted as a result of government misconduct? I didn’t hear the sanctimonious dems calling for an investigation of Holder at that time. If you think that Barr should be investigated for this you would have fit in just fine with HUAC. You certainly should not be supporting the organization most responsible for crushing the left in this country.


Not so much from the Dems either. So nice.

I dont support Trump and voted for Sanders and Stein and am disgusted by democrats ignore the fact that the FBI has a long proven criminal track record of being against the left and people like MLK.

The democrats are now supporting illegally spying on citizens and blackmail and bankruptcy threatening peoples kids with prosecution if they dont plea?
Plenty of evidence now

There was no underlying crime and the FBI has already advised to stop the inquiry and Agent Stkotz and others decided to try to entrap Flynn who met them without a lawyer

Comey even admitting on national tv he wouldn’t have sent agents to interview Flynn in any other administration

They conspired against the USA government
And it was international…

Prof Halper in the UK was an FBI asset and made up lies about Flynn

Halper also set up the meetings for Popodapolus and Carter Page which had no Russian involved

Christopher Steele also in the UK was making up lies about Trump based off Russian propaganda

This was international in scope to overthrow a democratically elected president

I don’t care about Trump he is a moron

this is Treason


So does Barr have to shoot someone on 5th Avenue to loose his law license, or what? Cuz apparently he can do anything at all with no sanction.


Talk about improper interference. The police are getting out of hand. Policing whether someone chooses to be out in public or not isn’t what we pay them for.
If they keep this up the retaliatory response should be people traveling in groups of 20-30 people. Stop the bullying. And someone please tell trump to quit publicly dumping on democrats.

Caligula hasn’t been operating alone, in a vacuum. He’s just the spokes-model
The entire Reich crime syndicate, at all levels, is in on it. And some of the Dems too


I’m sure we have any number of bad dems who have hidden their true allegiance. At least some are calling for an inspectors general to chime in.
Allegiances should be tested more vigorously. Spies disowned.

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America has not only what the deserve, but what they want.

'Improper political inre…"
The DOJ is the muscle of the winning party of the executive branch.
In January and February 2017, federal district prosecutors were replaced with republican prosecutors. One nearby district had successfully investigated, prosecuted and jailed elected officials who took bribes, misdirected federal funds into their own bonus wallet, etc.
The new republican prosecutor continues the old cases but no new ones - inside the most corrupt county found in over 3,300 american counties.

This coming december, expect hundreds of pardons, executed through certain lawyers with privy to the white house. Pay to play.

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IF it was sternly worded, it seems that they may be coming down with Susan Collins disease.

They should know that it is highly unlikely that the IG gives a shit

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More important than the partisan sniping over a hyper-politicized Attorney General are the unfolding facts of Flynn’s case, which have recently revealed apparent entrapment of Flynn by the FBI (surprise) and the lengths to which unelected bureaucrats in that bureau were willing to go to prevent Trump from entering the Oval Office. These revelations paint a believable picture of hyper-partisan actors (including president Obama) working against the will of the electorate to do whatever they pleased to take down a president. And these manipulations have far greater implications for our country as a whole than whatever it is that bad-faith, ass-covering partisan actors in DC have to say about Barr. Whether you are a fan of Trump or not, these tactics illuminate the insidious machinations and high-stakes squabbling of an elite political class who feel they are above the law. And why wouldn’t they? We look forward, not back, in this country where elite crimes are concerned.
Pay no attention to the partisan actors complaining about Barr. While they may speak some truths, you can be guaranteed that their framing of this - or any - issue will have nothing to do with ensuring that fairness and justice are applied equally to all citizens, and everything to do with covering their own asses.


Ditto! Well said. It is long past time that the most egregious fascist, Hoover needs to have his name removed from the F.oney, B.aloney I.nstitute in Washington, Deceit. What an insult to the left!

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Investigate Barr? Barr is the crooked Attorney, General for Trump’s Mafiaocracy. LOL!

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