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House Democrats Demand Increase in IRS Funding to Go After 'Wealthy Tax Cheats'—Like Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/house-democrats-demand-increase-irs-funding-go-after-wealthy-tax-cheats-donald-trump

I wonder if there have been any studies done as to whether the rich are more likely to violate the law on their income tax returns or not. Actually since most are done by accountants intimately familiar with tax law I suspect most are more accurate than the average middle class return. Now are there more tax breaks available to the top 5%? Sure, but while they might be immoral, they aren’t illegal. When Bill and Hillary Clinton fly to Europe and stay at a top resort to attend a conference and it’s all paid for by their billion-dollar ‘foundation’, it is completely legal. ‘The Obama foundation’ has a $450 million endowment and over $150-million per year in income. We already know the history of the Trump Foundation. If we really want to stop corruption, limit any foundation’s expenses to 10% of it’s assets per year and audit every one every year; or better yet, a sunset clause that sends any remaining funds to the Treasury after 10 years.


Co-sponsor Pascrell has already gone on record demanding that Democrats bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice for Federal and non-Federal crimes they have committed.

Those of us who are “represented” by Democrats need to contact those “representatives” and admonish them to join Pascrell in demanding that Biden launch prosecutions on January 21 or face a more powerful GOP than ever going forward.


How about looking into the offshore accounts of many of these individuals and corporations that avoid paying any taxes at all? This has been going on for decades with no action taken.


"Millionaire tax dodgers like Donald Trump get away with paying little to no federal income tax in part because IRS funding has dropped over 20% since 2010," Chu [tweeted] Monday, referring to recent New York Times reporting [showing]that Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017.

WHO would have thought that we’d have to encourage the IRS to go after taxpayers –
Well, turns out if they’re Elites/wealthy, they have to be pushed –

I think there were already many attacks on the IRS before this 20% cut –
likely already many missing agents – manpower –

For all we know might be same destruction we saw at our Post Offices –


The fact is that Republicans have a long record of denying the IRS sufficient funding to do their job. That is an essential motivation for their whole small-government meme, which is fundamentally a lassez-faire gift to big business and the very wealthy, allowing them to enhance their own control over government, not to mention to keep intact their wealth.

The last thing the rich want is for the tax-man coming around to them to insist they pay their share so they make sure the IRS gets only enough funding to go after those who cannot tie them up in court.


The legislators, in service to the rich, mandate that the IRS spend a large part of their budget on going after the non-rich. For example, people qualifying for the Earned Income Tax Credit get audited 2X as often as other filers even though fewer discrepancies are found.


The various Governments also have to look at how penalties and fines levied against a Corporation for fraud can become tax deductible. Going after wealthy tax cheats is just the tip of the iceberg. All manner of laws by design are intended to protect the wealthy and their money.

I recall one incident here in Canada some years back. A wealthy individual wanted to transfer several billions to an offshore haven to avoid taxes. Under Canadian law this amount was to be taxed when it moved off shore. There was also a “waiver” provision in that same law. Some individual in the tax department used his/her authority to waive that law for that specific individual and then reenacted the law once the money off shored. I can not recall if the individual was ever identified but the point is there likely as many people in Government working to help these people evade taxes as there are peoples going after the tax cheats.


How about adding a bounty, a % of the revenue that we would have otherwise been cheated out of? Then, maybe, actual consequences for the cheats. Criminal prosecutions and fines.

The most heavily audited county in America is the poorest county in America. While we have simultaneously allowed those like Donald Trump to literally get away with murder.


My cousin worked for the IRS and quit because he was disgusted at being forced to leave the big fish off the hook. That was in the 80’s.


Where’s the Squad and Bernie screaming about the TX code that is written for the Donor Class and corporations? Where’s the bill to rewrite the Tax code?

Increasing the funding for the IRS is like fighting a pandemic insisting on building more ventilators and handing out free masks rather than using a very real and Extremely effective vaccine, it’s called “Rewrite the tax code!”

But NEITHER party wants that because they ALL, yes, ALL work for the oligarchy. And much like the pandemic both these parties are happy to sacrifice the lives of the 99% to protect the market and their precious donor class.

A pox on both their houses!


Well said! The income tax was the most disliked amendment to the Constitution because it attacked the very base of the country-private property. Therefore, special interest groups, lobbies, and the oligarchs have turned it into a Gordian knot.
Trying to unravel it, going clause by clause and debating its benefits and costs, is impossible. Therefore, we can emulate Alexander the Great when he used his sword to cut it in two. Just scrap and build something much more equitable and just, telling the special interests et al that they’re out of the loop.


Yes, most people would use the guy in town, that they have known for years, and maybe pay $100. But the serious CPA with the great education is going to charge $1,500, but wow can he deliver!

This all bodes well for reform in the tax law. There are even scams to use LLC status for welfare fraud.

Without the senate forget all of that.

It’s also a lot easier to go after poor people. Rich people can afford the lawyers and accountants needed to gum up any investigation for as long as needed.


So why won’t the IRS just go after more lower income people. Once they have more money it’s still cheaper and easier to go after the less wealthy.

Solution: Write a bill that funds examination of highest incomes first and only goes after lower incomes that appear suspicious. If we read that the rich are paying their fair share then we will know that war mongering to steal foreign assets will go down because the rich will be paying for their wars rather than getting a free ride…

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You’re not listening.

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An investigation came light today----Trump selling Pardons----and the word is —this is just the tip of on going investigations.

Do Not give the IRS any money unless it is explicitly used for examining high earners. Every year they try to steal my refund and I have to fight for it-----I wonder how many people get scammed by the IRS??? These “tax” people don’t know how to do taxes because the machines do it-----so funny but sad.

Right while Reagan was president or perhaps just after. That’s about when the country took a nosedive when it comes to good sense.