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House Democrats Demand Trump Turn Over Administration's "Secret Plan" to Slash Social Security Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/house-democrats-demand-trump-turn-over-administrations-secret-plan-slash-social


It would appear that the 10% will not stop scamming the 90%‘s assets, whether held personally or in public accounts until they own it all in their attempts to continue our debt driven economy.


Trump must demonstrate absolute fealty to what the Late Great George Carlin termed “the big club” if he expects to avoid being run out of DC on a rail. I believe the word for this is “tool”.


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Apparently, the prime motivator for capitalism (greed) is such an overwhelming disease that it cannot be resisted. The wealthy and corporations have gutted this country by raiding the treasury with no shame or restraint. They can never get enough, even if more than they will ever spend in a lifetime. They must have it all, even if it includes stealing from the elderly retired folks who can afford it least and who’s lives depend on the small stipend we receive. The oligarchs have neither morals nor a conscience. Do not EVER expect them to do the right thing for society. There is only one way out of our situation and I think we all know what that involves.


They just want to compare the GOP’s to their own secret plan to slash Social Security.


Out of touch both parties… Taxed to death. Paid into Social Security for over 40 years.
And now they want to STEAL MY MONEY. The deal was pay your Social Security
and collect when you retire. DON’T CHANGE THE DEAL MID STREAM YOU CROOKS.


Rescind the damn taxes to the obscenely wealthy!


Not so much the taxes but where they are going–mostly to the military and to fund the tax cuts to the rich… We should be taxing these crooks at the Eisenhower rates as they clearly have too much money for the common good.


I keep wondering how much more? But this would be a match stick. And it should be.


STEAL MY MONEY, and I’ll steal your breath.

Millions will join me in lighting the fires that will burn bright, illuminating the POWER OF THE PEOPLE.

Metaphors can be messy.

Provocation will bring consequences.


‘Republicans claim to be concerned about the rising deficit.’

Not true at all.
Both parties using low interest rates just now.
But, when they rise, look out.

My, what a loss! I miss George Carlin.


Welcome blues-man, Looks like THE THRILL IS GONE! I have always believed S.S. was sacrosanct. If you like Common Dreams please help financially…thank you.


The gold has been spirited off leaving behind monopoly confetti.
The head of the FED said as much. We print as we need it.
Why not just send us all a set of printing plates. Make mine for $100 bills please.
Might as well put Saddam trump’s image on them.

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That’s not how it works. The FED just can’t print unlimited supplies of paper money and send it out because it would cause enormous inflation having that much cash circulating. The money the FED “creates” and then loans to the government or injects into the economy via quantitative easing is moved around electronically. The FED is very careful about how much cash is on the books.

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Like every true Crime Family – the Trump Crime Family/Administration is no different
in seeking every opportunity to bilk the citizens and hijack government funds.

And interesting, as well, to see how coupled they are with “Christianity”/Evangelicals –
and our majority male Dinosaur Congress which reflects 4th Century “Christian” prejudices
and hatreds for so much of humankind which has always paved the way for theft of property,
natural resources and personal power of those humans and nations under attack.

Obviously, this time of the VIRUS will be no different.

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New price controls would have to be set – probably right now as what we’ve
seen in this one VIRUS to have hit us has mainly shown us that the Jeff Bezos’
have added BILLIONS to their wealth.

Giovanna –

Great point –

The absence of corporate taxes is destroying our public schools – while
DeVos moves money to religious “Charter” schools –

and our towns/communities – which are forced to sell themselves out more
and more to Elites/Capitalist exploitation of natural resources – clean water,
opening of new parcels of land, etc.

Hi PonyBoy –

No one wants violence – we’ve actually watched what has been done to the
people of the Middle East in their effort to create democracy –

And though there is no “Global” in the current use of the term “Climate Change”
it will without doubt be a truly Worldwide suffering. Our response has to be
based in good sense and intelligence and a firm understanding among all people
of the threat of Elites to all humanity and the planet.

I think as Nature responds to the harm being done to it by CAPITALISM and
Elite/corporate exploitation of everything – it may provide opportunities for us to act.

This “shut down” has made absolutely clear that the damage is man-made and that
the OIL INDUSTRY’s pollution is something we must end. THIS is opportunity.

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Trump and the GOP has brought violence to America in the form of widespread death due to intentional inaction.

They thrive on violence funding the military with insane amounts of money.

And the majority of Americans on election day will support both of the parties that allow this to occur.

Greenwich, you say, “no one wants violence,” but their actions speak louder than words.

Denial cannot be a strategy for addressing a national issue that affects everyone.

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Hi Pony –

Thanks for your post –

What I think I meant was that no one wants violent revolution –
the unbelievable violence of the US’s involvement in the Middle East makes clear
it won’t work. You really have to think back to recall that these were efforts by
citizens in the ME to create more democratic conditions there.

And I certainly believe that our rulers will resort to violence of every kind -- including wars.
Just absolutely atrocious levels of violence by the US to wipe out those rising up.
With NSA spying on all Americans, it’s sad to see how every day the sacrifices that
Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning made to inform the public
fade more into the shadows.

Great that Global Warming and Medicare4All, however, are bringing more people out
into the streets. I think it’s all there in the minds of Americans as we see in demands
for Medicare4ALL. I think there is the immediate suffering of our fellow human beings
(and families) on the minds of Americans.

Bless Greta Thunberg! She was supposed to be on CNN the other night, but evidently
they saved here for last and I missed it.

Most Elites want overpopulation for cheap labor – higher profits –
Roe isn’t a “moral” issue – it’s about LABOR – and forcing population growth.
And that includes overturning birth control as well – and I mean worldwide.
In the end, I think Elitism is a kind of insanity – and watching Trump that seems
more obvious every day. If there are Elites - and I think there are – who want to
protect ROE and to assist worldwide in limiting new births, this would be
what might cause some separation. Overpopulation across the world creates
unhealthy living conditions among people. Makes it more difficult for labor to earn
living wages.

I think every Governor of every state should be inviting Thunberg to speak in America.
Disgusting how Trump and so many government officials here just ignored her visit.

Other than that – best wishes – stay safe – we’re trying –

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