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House Democrats Propose Bill to Counter Trump's 'Dangerous' Executive Order to Lock Up Families Indefinitely


House Democrats Propose Bill to Counter Trump's 'Dangerous' Executive Order to Lock Up Families Indefinitely

Julia Conley, staff writer

Calling President Donald Trump's executive order to end family separation "dangerous" and "disgusting," House Democrats on Wednesday introduced a bill to end Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy and ensure that no families are separated by the government after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.


If the USA has a refugee problem caused by Latin Americans running here to flee violence in their home countries, perhaps we should address the REAL problem, which is covert US Government support of evil dictators (puppets) who have more love for US corporations than for their own citizens. Simply stop funding and fueling atrocities against the common people south of our border.


I have heard media blame Bannon for this. Nope white folk, as nutty as Bannon can be, the architect for this white cracker stuff is Steve Miller. He is the only white guy I know that can make totally insane seem plausible. He, like FOX, can make madness seem religious. He is the force behind the cult. Jimmy Jones would be proud. I…like most white folks, listen to Miller for the sheer joy of peeking at an insane mind unhinged. Same with short stints with Laura Ingraham or Jeanine Pirro.


Need to get these bills passed. This may help get Democrats more support at election time. They can’t get the hardcore Trump supporters such as the more extreme white nationalists and the Evangelicals who are intent on ending the separation between church and state but many independents and moderate Republicans may finally had enough of Trump’s brutal policies to keep non-whites from entering the US even thought they are seeking asylum. If these people were Norwegians trying to get in the doors Trump would leave the doors wide open.


That’s exactly what I view this legislation from the Dem’s, a way to get reelected. Unless there’s more to the story than the article brings out, the Dem’s bill doesn’t do much more than Trump signed today. They have had aprox. 6 weeks to come up with a fix, nothing until the day Trump sings an executive order. Dem’s how about a bill to keep the asylum seekers out of jail until they have their day in court, something relative to international law.


From Propublica:

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You’re right about the major architect who’s made an absolute tool-fool out of Donald Dump, IMO. Miller, a Jew yet, is one sick sociopathic sonuvabitch.

Gotta admit, though, your stomach is much stronger than mine. I couldn’t listen to those twisted organisms if you paid me $1,000,000/minute.