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House Democrats Ramp Up Probe of Trump's Finances With Deutsche Bank Subpoena


House Democrats Ramp Up Probe of Trump's Finances With Deutsche Bank Subpoena

Julia Conley, staff writer

The only major bank that President Donald Trump has been able to count on for financial backing was among those that were issued subpoenas Monday by House Democrats.

The House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees both demanded that Deutsche Bank—one of Trump's most reliable creditors—as well as Citigroup and Bank of America turn over records pertaining to the president's personal and corporate finances.


Go Maxine Waters.

I’m sure Pelosi will try to stifle her efforts but she is one hope that we have of bringing down this monstrosity. If only Maxine Waters were the Speaker of the House. Trump kind of likes Pelosi and why not. Don’t think he is so fond of Ms. Waters. All of the right wing nuts who degrade her may soon find out what she is all about.


I still can not help but feel that the Democratic Party takes the wrong approach here. It as if they have no POLICY differences to offer the electorate that would see them win the next election. Instead they feel the way to winning the Presidency is by digging up dirt on Trump.

Now I am certainly not a Trump supporter. He is a Fascist and a Racist and a swindler and a thief BUT if that stuff indeed “takes him down” and the Democrats win the Presidency with someone like Beto or Biden , what was really gained for the people outside “our guy won” ?

Maxine Waters and other Democrats should focus on articulating a platform that shows a clear difference to what the USA has today. All this “Get dirt on Trump” stuff should be secondary and even teritary to that.


Close, 'Profundis — but no cigar.  Substitute “Establishment” for “Party” in your first sentence, however, and then it’s absolutely right on.  AOC, Bernie, Liz and Tulsi have expressed several Good Policies that differ significantly from those of the DamnocRatic Establishment–RePoopLicken Duopoly.

And you’re also right on in your assessment of Bait-Oh, Biden, Booker and Buddy-Check.  In their case, but NOT Bernie, the four B’s stand for “Bought By Big Business.”


Oh I would agree but would add in Tulsi Gabbard to the list you mentioned and even considering dropping Elizabeth Warren. I am a bit wary on her.

The point remains is that if the only real difference is “Our guy will offer up his tax returns and Theirs won’t” that not a heck of a lot to get excited about.


I whole heartedly agree with the addition of Tulsi — correction made.  As for Liz, she fought hard for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so I’ll cut her a little slack – at least for now.


Money Laundering, ya think??   No wonder Tweetle-Dumb is beginning to sweat a little . . .


While all of this blows like dust off the back of a manure spreader, there will likely be a couple of mid-status clerks poring over the Deutschbank paperwork. Someone will find a few things, and memos will be written. Whether or not the memos get buried is up to the various Committees.

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She is doing the job we sent her there to do. If Trump is a criminal - it needs to come out and he needs to be removed. Maxine Waters has always presented a progressive agenda that is for the poor and middle class. The message really needs to be sent that corruption will not be tolerated.


Your cynicism is uninspiring.

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Your skepticism is warranted, but I have to come down on the side of “sending a message.” If Twump can be brought down for his track record of shady business practices, his successors might hesitate before taking the same low road.

There are lots of reasons to wish him gone. As in most things political, I advise picking the thing that makes you angriest and working on that. Let’s all meet in the middle soon, and toast our hard-won victory.


Let me put it this way. The Democratic party spent much of the last two years on Russia gate and all that did is make it more likley Trump will win the next go round. I suggest had the Demcorats spent more time articulating their own policy differences they would be farther ahead and again I suggest that the reason they did not do this is that as far as the establishment is in the DNC , there are no poilcy differences.

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Hard to argue against the evidence.

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I really was expecting some prominent Democrats to push the envelope so hard, that they were arrested, after the massive cover-up was on.

I thought wrong.


That isn’t the problem or what SuspiraDeProfundis is getting at. It is one thing to do this, and for this to be good in isolation. It is another for this to be the entirety of what Democrats offer. Up until recently, what many leading Democrats offered was Russia, Russia, Russia. Right now, I see very little leadership from the “leaders” of the Democratic Party. They do in fact offer very little on policy, and when it comes to attacking others on policy, they attack the left just as much as the right. With Pelosi, I wouldn’t even say that she attacks AOC. She doesn’t treat her seriously and often dismisses her outright (coming up with a coherent and comprehensive plan to deal with an existential threat like the environmental crisis is so utopian, you know? Being pragmatic means knowingly driving us over the cliff), and she uses organizations like the DCCC to beat back the left, which is focused on policy. The leaders and many newly elected Democrats don’t offer much at all on policy. On healthcare, they are wildly out of step with their own damn party, and they don’t seem to notice or care.

I have no problem with this, I would like to get more information on his financial dealings, but this should take up 1% of their time. We have huge issues to deal with that require structural changes. Focus on that, provide actual solutions, or get the hell out of the way.


Seems like Sanders and Warren are offering a vision along with solid proposals for fundamental change. I hope Waters is not going to let Pelosi direct her efforts or it will be doomed from the beginning. Corruption and the distortion of our democracy through the influence of money is a major issue. Bringing Trump to justice will hopefully show that nobody is above the law. If it is a field trip without substance and just searching, then yes - it could be a distraction. I personally believe he is corrupt and has done criminal things. We need to provide the evidence and get a conviction.

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This is likely the case. Of course, the problem is that many in charge of the Democratic Party are themselves incredibly corrupt and can in no way lead a charge against corruption or financial wrong doings. How much criminality has been uncovered among financial institutions that has gone unpunished? Mass criminality too. Rigging bond auctions, the LIBOR, laundering money for drug cartels and terrorists groups, tax evasion, among other things, and nothing ever gets done about it. Remember the damn Holder doctrine, which is still in effect. I think for Hoyer, Pelosi and Schumer that this would be partisan in nature, they would have no interest in doing anything like this among their own members (i.e., themselves).

I agree that Warren and Bernie are offering up some good policies, but people like them are the exception, not the rule. Most of those running now are empty, duds, blah nothing candidates. Some of them play the piano and speak other languages, some ride skateboards and used to play in punk bands (so edgy), which I take it will result in communities like Flint not having lead in their water? Pelosi gave a speech honoring Pete Peterson on the House floor, her top healthcare adviser is giving speeches to drug company and insurance company executives assuring them that the Democrats won’t push for single payer, and those are the people we trust to lead the charge against Trump? Waters is better than she is, and she would probably have more of an interest in pushing for policies too. But many in charge of her party? They will offer this, point to how bad Trump is, and they’ll yell boo. The Russia stuff blew up, so this stuff will take its place. While I too want to know about this, I have no interest in this taking up more time as policy focused discussions.

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I am confused but by indicating that the russia probe led nowhere are you referring to the Mueller investigation and report? A report that we have never seen and really do not know what is in it except for the interpretation by stooge AG Barr. These Trump people are shameless and will distort any and everything. How could we trust anything that they are interpreting for us?


I have seen nothing what so ever to justify the massive amount of attention the Russia stuff has gotten. It isn’t just the report, it is the mountain of the over the top things that were claimed that quickly fell apart. It is what we know about how it all started, which is with the Clinton campaign shortly after it lost, which was intensified by the DNC. It was a means to take attention away from looking inward (how did we not only lose to Trump, but get wiped out nationally by a party as bad and unpopular as the Republicans?), at looking at its own failings and taking responsibility for tipping the scales for someone as bad as Clinton.

I didn’t see any similar investigation into Trump’s ties to the Saudis, Israeli interests, corporate interests, because those in power don’t want to look into those things for obvious reasons.

So, I am not going only on what Barr said. I am responding to the absurd amount of coverage that received, and the other top propaganda, versus the lack of focus on real issues. Those in power will focus on this like they did Russia (although I think this is far more relevant than the Russia nonsense) because they don’t want to focus on policy. I think looking into this is justified, but those in power will focus on it far more than they should because they don’t and won’t focus on policy.


I really don’t think they’ re mutually exclusive - for the time being. The statistics on what the majority of American actually want to see in terms of change in health care, $15/, etc., is already generating change and bringing people into the streets. What I think about is that Trump was largely a resistance vote, which is now proving a disaster. Noise about that and challenging him may actually be a necessity. Supporting the newcomers who speak truth to power is equally important as they hold up a mirror to slimy citizens united corporatists.
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