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House Democrats Ramp Up Probe of Trump's Finances With Deutsche Bank Subpoena


I tend to think the policy push has to come from the grass roots - that’s where the numbers are



Historical record (of which the corporate underwritten broadcast and daily press journalism refuses to partake due to time and space constraints) disproves that either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party privileges the Public Interest over Private Interests in policy-making, legislation defining corporate crime, malfeasance and individual liability.

Our bartered legislators’ bi-partisan refusal to create laws and enforcement budgets and mechanisms to ‘claw back’ ill-gotten gains that dwarf even the drug king-pins of Street Crime compared to Suite Crime (kudos, Ralph Nader for improving the English language) can be traced to the last two centuries of Robber Barons, monopolists and carteliers. Many of whom institutionalized corruption by laundering their gains via institutional endowments. Stanford University and the biographies of Leland Stanford or the Carnegies and Mellons please!

How about the public university system of California built and endowed into the envy of an earlier U.S. and the Third World by way of the largesse of the owners of extractive industries and boards of directors of global mining concerns along with Media Magnates like William Randolph Hearst?

Here’s what has been done in the 21st Century with little U.S. mass media scrutiny and any Google Search will reveal the control of voices critical to the money laundering via institutional corruption of such new players from the financially innovative sector such as Michael and Lowell Milken:

Our economy has been restructured over the last 50 years of Wage Stag-Nation and Food Stamp Nation away from industrialization and towards financialization.

We make few products compared with the slips of paper and electronic speculative notes that are traded (thanks to the unfettering of capital as part of the Neo-Liberal Economics that once Protectionist Conservatives have come to embrace more ardently than their Democratic wanabes) without ever being audited into the money supply, despite credit creation and issuance that paradoxically creates and books new money as a hedge against inflation.

Once an exclusively off-shored economy, this is now the ‘legit’ Global Economy centered on Wall Street or in London, or Geneva or Liechtenstein or the Panama Canal Zone.

Maxine Waters now playing at Bank Reformer of the Democratic Party of Chuck “Credit Card Bill Disclosure Box” Schumer had all she could do to rein in her own family decades back in her career:

Don’t be fooled, the examination of President Trump’s conflicts of interest took a back seat to the Russian Redux of a Cold War Collusion Hail Mary precisely because no legislator of either U.S. political party or anyone in Neo-Liberal E-CON Trudeau’s reformed Canada or even any of the previous Canadian Harper-Ford Gang of Conservatives who ran that extractive industrial trans national whose business interests extend beyond Ottawa’s legislative or judicial control had any intention of crimping institutional corruption.

Or in Ralph Nader’s felicitous phrase “Suite Crime.” So turn on, tune in to the Street Crime marathon through the end of this century and if you can keep a roof over your head and your bid-net solvent consider yourself a New Feudal Lord of Finance. I’ll be sleeping down with the landless serfs and tenant farmers. As Nader has called for Congressional Investigations with subpoena power since the 2008 TARP Bail Out of Financial Crimes and Corporate Malfeasance and long before he brought down the wrath of the Corporate Democrats by running for President as a Green Party candidate, I don’t expect the journalism done by rival oligarch Michael Bloomberg’s business empire of bid-net journalists’ good digging into Trump’s Conflicts of Interest will change much of anything. But here is some of what ran to nobody’s big whoop back when the CEO of over-leveraged serial corporate bankruptcy protection seeker Trump was a candidate for his current Manichean position of the Anglo Saxon Banking system’s Apex Predator\Public Servant…It didn’t seem to bother rival candidate Hillary Clinton nor the journalists asking 2 years of broadcast questions much of any No Never Mind

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters & Shifters
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Once hard evidence is found Pelosi will be obligated to do something. HELL, THAT would screw up her status quo policy.

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This is one that could really push President Caligula over the edge!
Problem is that a rabid animal is more dangerous when it’s backed into a corner.



Thanks to P’Loser & O’Bummer letting the War Criminals off the hook in 2009, John Yoo – the “lawyer” who wrote the memos justifying Cheney’s use of torture in Iraq – became a professor of Law – LAW!! – at U. C. Berkley . . .

Birds of a feather – Barr, Kavanaugh and Yoo – flock together.  SFAIK, the only reason Yoo hasn’t been elevated to the Supreme Court is that he’s so old that he wouldn’t last until “Rapture”.