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House Democrats Subpoena HHS and CDC Chiefs Over Alleged Political Interference in Covid-19 Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/21/house-democrats-subpoena-hhs-and-cdc-chiefs-over-alleged-political-interference

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Four years of lies and truth bending has gotten to be tiresome and destructive.
Lie detectors at committee meetings and hearings are needed.
The bible swearing in has lost it’s power.


And when they don’t show up, what will you do James Clyburn? What will you do Nancy? What will you do, Joe?

Maybe they’ll try the “pretty please with sugar on top” gambit.


Yes, remind me how many times the GOP ignored subpoenas during the past four years ?

Unless Biden abandons subpoenas and starts indicting Trump, his appointees, and other enablers on January 21, the GOP will become more powerful than ever, consigning the Democratic Party and democracy itself to the dust bin of history. There will be no due process, so no need for subpoenas.


Just also a reminder of how important Inspectors General are to understanding
the truth of what’s happening in government –

and WHISTLEBLOWERS – who seem to still be being punished for telling truth.
They need more protection –

We all need more protection from fascists embedding themselves in government -


Let’s find out what REALLY been going on – !!!

VINDLAND being removed from the White House is a perfect example of retaliation
by Trump … which isn’t supposed to happen under Whistleblower laws –
Biden should make sure that all who testified against Trump in Impeaching Hearings


The rest of their lives spent the gulag will give them sufficient time to reflect on how their willingness to interfere in public health led to many dying unnecessarily.

All done to satisfy one.

The problem is of course that it was the Obama administration, along with Joe and Hillary, that really made war against whistleblowers, with a fervor unequaled.
I don’t see Joe spots changing anytime soon


Yes, great idea, add a small electrical stimulus when they lie until they tell the truth. Consequences maintain behavior.

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Excellent point. Also the office of budget and management. My biggest concern about the Biden administration.

No shit Sherlock! Clyburn is a little late to the game, this has all been reported on or could have been gleaned by anyone paying attention who has 3 brain cells. Over 300k dead and now you start asking questions? Fckn pathetic but hey at least the blue team weren’t the ones conspiring to let people die. They only stood idly by and watched so we got that going for us.


Agree – sadly –

Also real aggressiveness against journalists which imo began to produce
the “violence” this kind of demonization begins to deliver.
Basically, paved way for Trump in many issues – including Asylum, Whistleblowers.

While I still naively will question just why at the very end of his time on this earth that
Biden very definitely has committed himself once again to Elites/wealthy in telling them that …
“nothing will fundamentally change” — what I have to think is that the control/rewards over
those like Biden has to be much more than I’ve ever imagined.

The Fascist way is also the Mafia way and how violence steals democracy, free will from us all.

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